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Interview Extras: Chobot’s Front Row

  • 14 Feb 2019

Chobot during the 2014 WRWC / Photo: C. Glémet/IRB

In addition to original content, monthly and annual subscribers (learn more) gain access to extras like article outtakes. TRB contributed an article to FloRugby regarding USA prop Sarah Chobot’s experience with the French scrum – part of an ongoing series related to the company’s live-stream of the Women’s Six Nations. The conversation required much more than 600 words and the “excess” now lives in Subscriber Content: Read more.

An excerpt:

” … let’s say we have a tighthead that’s coming under pressure – and you want to relieve pressure in the front row. You’re getting smashed by eight players coming on your shoulder and five players pushing you from behind. There’s a reason why I’ve lost an inch-and-a-half in height. It’s because you just get compressed.”


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