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Scion’s Washington, Fan-Girling in All Directions

  • 03 Mar 2019

Washington finds inspiration in her Scion teammates (l-r, Cantorna, McGrath, Baravilala) and opponents / Photo: Jackie Finlan

Scion Rugby Academy finished runner-up to the USA Falcons at the Las Vegas Invitational, but Sirens vet Alycia Washington is still wearing that ear-to-ear grin after another great outing.

“I’m impressed by everyone 1-12 this weekend. … Looking across the field and seeing Jordan [Matyas] and Hope [Rogers], and some of their new players I’ve seen on the 7s circuit – it’s incredible. I’m fan-girling a little bit looking across at them because I’ve been watching them the last few months. It’s incredible on both sides, next to me and in front of me.”

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