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Atlantis Refills Ranks at NY 7s

  • 09 Dec 2021

Atlantis is happy to be back at it / Photo: Lindsay Eisenhart

Atlantis is one of, if not the premier, select side 7s entities in the country, and high school and senior teams have been idle in terms of competition since the 2020 Los Angeles Invitational. Atlantis returned to play for the 2021 New York 7s and entered four teams in the senior women and high school brackets. The day yielded a first, second, third and fifth place finishes, but more importantly put the teal jersey back on the pitch to restart the legacy.

“What was really cool … is that of the 24 high school players, only two of them had ever played for Atlantis before,” Atlantis manager Diane Ramage enthused. “The other 21 were brand new to the program. Unfortunately, we had one other veteran, Lily Myers, who took ill the day before and wasn’t able to join us.

“On the women’s side, we went with 10 players versus the standard 12 and I think it worked pretty well, as we took the Cup for the White team and added lots of brand new players to our Teal side,” Ramage added. “Gave those players more game time, and seemed to have shortened the “getting to know you” phase. Also exciting was that we had seven current college students that had played with Atlantis in high school that were now a part of the women’s Premier teams.”

(l-r) Lemal Brown, Mancuso, Henrich, Shissler, Daley, Ziluca, Flanagan

Joining Ramage on the program-wide staff was Josie Ziluca, Director of the Atlantis Women’s Program, and KJ Feury as medical. Tom Feury and Kate Daley led the Premier teams while Lauren Shissler served as assistant coach. Anne-Marie Lemal Brown and Stacy Mancuso were head and assistant coaches, respectively, of the High School Club team, and Kate Flanagan led the High School Premier team with the assistance of Lisa Henrich.

“It had been so long, I think we all were learning together again, myself included,” Flanagan noted. “We talked about what a good opportunity Covid gave all teams to level the playing field and have the ability to establish their identity again starting at NY 7s.”

Maddie Doyle and Alissa Eisenhart captained the High School Premier team that finished second to Canada’s Upright Rogues. The day started with a 28-24 pool-play win against Upright, then 17-12 loss to ARPTC and 52-0 win against the Northeast Academy. A 26-0 win against Aspectuck put Atlantis into the final, where Upright rallied for a 27-0 victory.

Alissa Eisenhart / Photo: Lindsey Eisenhart

“The competition was great,” Flanagan noted. “We had competition that was well rounded with speed and size. I think Alissa Eisenhart’s kicking was extremely dependable and Lennox London did a great job putting defenses on their back foot as did Chloe DeLeon.”

Flanagan also called out Doylestown’s Reaghan King for a standout performance and stellar leadership. Eisenhart led all point-scorers with 28 on two tries and nine conversions, while London led all try-scorers with five. King (3T, 3C), Alayshja (4T), Doyle (2T, C), Liz Johnston (2T) and Jordan Duncan (C) also contributed to the scoreboard.

Photo: Lindsay Eisenhart

The High School Club team finished third in its division, and got great leadership from captains Annie Henrich (Orchard Park, N.Y.) and Leila Galarza (Morris, N.J.). The team had to play the Celtic Barbarians twice and lost them 33-26 and 33-17. Atlantis split those games with a 50-5 win against Les Demoiselles, and regrettably, its final match against Les Madames was one via forfeit.

Annie Henrich scored 48 points on six tries and nine conversions, while Galarza (5) and Carmel’s DeLeon (4) contributed multiple tries. Expect to see Atlantis at Tropical 7s in Tampa, Fla.

On the senior side, Atlantis White won the Women’s Premier division, defeating Northeast Academy B 29-10, Roots A 51-0, Roots B 29-19 and Northeast A 19-10 en route to the title. Coco Wallace (Princeton, Boston) led all point-scorers with 21 on a try and eight conversions, while Penn State’s Natalie Bjorklund and Scion’s Jess Lu scored four tries apiece. Camile White (Penn State) and NOVA’s Emily Wessel scored three tries apiece, while Univ. Vermont’s Remi Lemal Brown, Dartmouth’s Emily Henrich, and Central Washington grad Spencer Boldt, now with NOVA, scored two tries each.

The Premier Teal team finished fifth overall, losing to Roots B and Northeast Academy, and then winning its final match 24-5 against Roots A. Princeton’s Sydney Hsu led all points-scorers with 14 on two tries and two conversions.

Atlantis Premier White



Sophie Bonnici – Carmel, Ind.

Peighton Bowman – North Bay, Md.

Chloe DeLeon – Carmel, Ind.

Shea Evans – Moon Area, Pa.

Leila Galarza – Morris, N.J.

Bella Hann– North Bay, Md.

Annie Henrich – Orchard Park, N.Y.

Heidi Kroneberg – West Pitt, Pa.

Anna Kugelman – Morris, N.J.

Caitlin Moroney – Unattached

Katie Stomma – Catholic Memorial, Wisc.

Head coach: Anne-Marie Lemal Brown

Assistant coach: Stacy Mancuso


Taylor Baldwin – North Bay, Md.

Alayshja Bable – Moon Area, Pa.

Caroline Cook – Charlotte, N.C.

Maddie Doyle – Doylestown, Pa.

Jordan Duncan – Fallbrook, Calif.

Alissa Eisenhart – Morris, N.J.

Annie Huettel – North Bay, Md.

Liz Johnston – Doylestown, Pa.

Reaghan King – Doylestown, Pa.

Lennox London – Charlotte, N.C.

Trina Rizzotto – Valley Center, Calif.

Celia Watson – Carmel, Ind.

Head coach: Kate Flanagan

Asst coach: Lisa Henrich


Head coaches: Tom Feury, Kate Daley

Asst. coach: Lauren Shissler


Natalie Bjorklund – Penn State

Spencer Boldt – NOVA

Emily Henrich – Dartmouth College

Remi Lemal Brown – Univ. Vermont

Jessica Lu – Scion

Marin Pennell – Dartmouth College

Coco Wallace – Boston

Emily Wessel – NOVA

Camile White – Penn State

Gabby Wood – Philadelphia


Tiyanna Hooker – Lindenwood Univ.

Sydney Hsu – Princeton Univ.

Amanda Lenau – Unattached (Lindenwood Univ. grad)

Madeleine Maurice – Salisbury Univ.

Shay McBride – Princeton Univ.

Merrin McSorley – Penn State

Ange Ndayishimiye – Princeton Univ.

Claudia Norton – Penn State

Sophie Ragg – Dartmouth College

Sam Tancredi – Lindenwood Univ.

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