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Chico State Wins Pac Mtn West

  • 06 Mar 2018


In its final league match, Chico State Women’s Rugby shut out Stanford 55-0, officially winning the DI Pacific Mountain Rugby Conference (PMRC) West after an 8-0 regular season. The Wildcats automatically advance to the DI College Spring Round of 16 (April 20-22).



Chico State took a 24-0 halftime lead, and fullback Darby McFall got the scoring going a minute after kickoff. With a solid defensive line and active pressure against Stanford’s forward pack, Chico State brought home three more tries: one from inside center Hannah Westfall and two from outside center Stefani Bergerhouse. With a comfortable lead, Chico’s confidence was at a high heading into the break.


McFall, Bergerhouse and Westfall all scored in the second half, and all three players ended with hat tricks. McFall’s five conversions brought the final to 55-0, and the goal of posting a shutout was finally achieved.


“The last time we had an undefeated season was in 2001,” Chico State coach Mary Triantafyllou said of the national championship team from 17 years ago. Teary-eyed players circled around the coach and grabbed hold of each other as they reviewed their last league game, talking about what the post-season may hold for them.


Ranked as the number one DI spring college, Chico has played an aggressive, high-paced game this past season, and the results reflect hard work. Completing an undefeated season is no small feat, as the team can attest to. From morning conditionings to late night practices, this team has worked tirelessly to get to where they are, adding to the story of their jersey, and building up the legacy of the Chico State Women’s Rugby Club.



By winning the PMRC West, Chico State automatically advances to the DI College Spring Championship (April 20-22) as the overall conference’s top seed. The rest of the field, West and North divisions, have conference playoffs ahead of them (read more). Teams that win in the DI College Spring Round of 16 are guaranteed a berth to finals weekend (May 4-5). The quarterfinal results will determine whether a team plays in the DI Elite National Championship semifinals or the DI College Spring Championship semifinals. 




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