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Details Released on DI West Playoffs

  • 26 Feb 2016

UC San Diego is looking like the top PMRC South team so far. /// Photo: Derek Lucero


Akin to its fall counterpart, the DI spring championship will begin at the quarterfinal round instead of the Round of 16. The downsize was needed after the formation of the DI Elite and varsity championships this season.


Pacific Mountain Rugby Conference (PMRC) teams comprise the entire West bracket of the DI spring championship. The tri-division league spans from Washington to Arizona, and the conference will name its nationals representatives after contesting four cross-divisional games on Saturday, March 26. There is no central location like last year, and the higher seed will host:



#1 West 1 – UC Davis

#2 South 1 – TBD

#3 North 1 – Washington State

#4 West 2 – Chico State

#5 North 2 – Washington

#6 South 2 – TBD

#7 West 3 – Cal

#8 South 3 – TBD



Game #1 – Washington (North #2) @ Chico State (West #2)

Game #2 – Cal (West #3) @ TBD* (South #1)

Game #3 – TBD* (South #2) @ Washington State (North #1)

Game #4 – TBD* (South #3) @ UC Davis (West #1)


*PMRC South has two more weeks of league play, but at present, UC San Diego is undefeated, Arizona State has only lost to UCSD, and UCLA is in third.


The four winners advance to the West bracket of the national Round of 8 (another four teams from the South and Mid-Atlantic will be competing in the East bracket). The West’s quarterfinals and semifinals will be contested from April 8-10 at UC Davis. The national quarterfinal match-ups have not been released, but based on the PMRC seeds, one presumes that the winners of Games #1 and #4 would play each other, and the winners of Games #2 and #3 would play each other. At the end of the weekend, the West will have named its representative to the spring championship’s title match.


The West rep will play the East victor for the spring trophy, which will be awarded between April 22-24 at an undisclosed location. The last stop is the DI national championship, which is played against the fall titleholder, UCONN, on Saturday, May 7 at St. Mary’s College, Moraga, Calif.


To recap, the West will name its representative to the DI spring championship via:


March 26: PMRC quarterfinals @ higher seed

April 8-10: Spring championship – West bracket’s quarterfinals and semifinals @ UC Davis

April 22-24: Spring championship – West vs. East @ TBD

May 7: DI national championship @ St. Mary’s, Moraga, Calif.


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