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DII College Spring Final Ranking

  • 01 Jun 2016


The final DII College Spring Ranking takes into account the national championship contested on May 7 between Davenport and the University of Southern California. For detail on how the rest of the field ended its season, reference the previous ranking here.


As a refresher, USC filled in for DII spring champion Tulane, which opted out of the DII national championship match against fall champion Davenport University. The Panthers were too amped and too good for the Trojans, and spent those rainy 80 minutes scoring 61 unanswered points. No. 8 Hunter Moreland, a 2016 age grade pool player, was named MVP. Davenport went on to win the inaugural DII College 7s Championship over Memorial Day Weekend.


Read more about the final DII match.


Reminder that the spring ranking accompanies the fall ranking, which tracks those teams that compete and peak in early December. Only one team – the fall champion – carries over to the spring ranking.



Rank (Previous rank) Team (League record). Results


1 (1) Davenport (11-0). Defeated USC 61-0 in DII national championship


2 (2) Tulane (7-1). Idle


3 (3) Humboldt (9-2). Idle


4 (4) Southern California (9-2). Lost 61-0 in DII national championship


5 (5) Salisbury (6-2-1). Idle


6 (6) Fresno State (7-2). Idle


7 (7) UC Riverside (7-1). Idle


8 (8) UN Reno (5-4). Idle


9 (9) Mary Washington (6-2). Idle


10 (10) South Carolina (7-1). Idle


11 (11) UC Irvine (5-4). Idle


12 (12) Arkansas (4-1). Idle


13 (13) UGA (7-1). Idle


14 (14) Long Beach (4-4). Idle


15 (15) Western Oregon (5-3). Idle


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