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DII College Spring Ranking – May 4, 2016

  • 04 May 2016

Will Davenport hold onto the #1 rankings it’s held all year? /// Photo courtesy Davenport University Athletics


The DII College Spring Top 15 gets an easy update, as the only fixture that has occurred since the previous ranking was the spring championship. This Saturday, fall champion Davenport and spring third-place University of Southern California will cap the season.


It’s been a long year for Davenport, which won its berth to the national championship back in early December. The spring has been filled with friendlies against senior women’s clubs and DI colleges. Most recently, Davenport defeated Indiana 54-21. Shortly afterward, the Redstorm dropped out of the DI Elite quarterfinals.


Tulane won the spring championship in dramatic fashion. The Louisiana team unleashed an overtime fury against Salisbury in the semifinals, tacking on 22 points while holding the Maryland side scoreless for the 53-31 win. Humboldt meanwhile pulled away in the second half against USC, earning a berth to the final with a 40-15 victory.


One of the best games of the season unfolded in the final, as Tulane took the first lead and forced Humboldt to play catch-up throughout. In the end, Tulane held on for the 39-32 win and title.


The drama didn’t end there, as Tulane withdrew from the DII national championship against Davenport. Humboldt passed on the opportunity to play at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, Calif., so #3 USC stepped up to give the Panthers the game they’d been building toward all season.



New Rank (Old Rank) Team (League Record). Results


1 (1) Davenport (11-0). Defeated DI Indiana 54-21


2 (5) Tulane (7-1). Defeated Salisbury 53-31, Humboldt 39-32


3 (2) Humboldt (9-2). Defeated USC 40-15, lost 39-32 to Tulane


4 (4) Southern California (9-2). Lost 40-15 to Humboldt, defeated Salisbury 41-24


5 (3) Salisbury (6-2-1). Lost 53-31 (OT) to Tulane, 41-24 to USC


6 (6) Fresno State (7-2). Idle


7 (7) UC Riverside (7-1). Idle


8 (8) UN Reno (5-4). Idle


9 (9) Mary Washington (6-2). Idle


10 (10) South Carolina (7-1). Idle


11 (11) UC Irvine (5-4). Idle


12 (12) Arkansas (4-1). Idle


13 (13) UGA (7-1). Idle


14 (14) Long Beach (4-4). Idle


15 (15) Western Oregon (5-3). Idle


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