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Institute of Rugby Launches in SD

  • 17 Mar 2016

The IOR grounds in San Diego, Calif. /// Photo courtesy Institute of Rugby


Carlsbad, CA – The Institute of Rugby launches a Total-Athlete Development Program based in San Diego, Calif., for youth ages 8-18. The Institute of Rugby (IOR) is a dynamic, multi-faceted organization that provides opportunities for athletes at a variety of ages and abilities, catering to the development level of all.


The Institute coaches have built its programming based on the principle of developing the total-athlete, which includes components that stretch beyond the field. IOR is currently mid-cycle in their first 8-week training block with two more scheduled for summer and fall.


With a formalized partnership with EXOS, the leader in integrated performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy for elite and professional athletes. The Institute of Rugby is able to deliver resources in a world-class training facility to young, aspiring, rugby athletes in order to help them reach their optimal performance level.


Working in collaboration with EXOS, IOR has developed a rugby specific Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway (LTAD) built from a universally recognized system adopted by sports across the globe as a framework for optimal athlete development. With the overarching framework of the LTAD, the Total-Athlete Development System can be carefully catered to our athletes with both short and long term goals in mind.


“This system is woven in the fabric of our programming and carefully developed and delivered based on the age and ability of the athlete. As an organization we recognize that each athlete is in a different place when it comes to physical, mental and emotional development and their Total-Athlete program should adjust appropriately. Through the understanding and implementation of a Long-Term Athlete Development Pathway, each athlete will be integrated into the appropriate stage for optimal and long-term development,” said CEO Matt Hawkins.


Other formalized partnerships have been struck including The Rugger’s Edge in order to assist young student-athletes in pursuing higher education while playing top-level collegiate rugby.


“As the established premiere authority on rugby college planning in the United States, partnering with The Rugger’s Edge was an obvious choice when seeking an organization that would give Institute of Rugby Athletes their best chance at achieving their collegiate rugby and academic aspirations,” said COO Hannah Lockwood.


Throughout each session, Institute of Rugby athletes will benefit from grade specific presentations by The Rugger’s Edge, aimed at preparing student-athletes for the college admissions process and what to expect once admitted.


“We are so excited to form this relationship with the Institute of Rugby and help many more student-athletes find the best college for them,” said Karen Fong Donoghue, owner and founder of The Rugger’s Edge.


“Part of delivering this type of program is being able to track, analyze and provide feedback to our athletes,” added Hawkins.


Singularity, a South African-rooted organization has provided IOR athletes with a data tracking system in order to create individual athlete portals to track individual athletes on their personal growth throughout their time at the Institute of Rugby.


“We have kids enrolled that are 10 years old. How exciting will it will be to see these kids progress through the LTAD over the next 8 years and be a part of maximizing their ability and be able to see measurable data through our partnership with Singularity,” said Hawkins.


“We are fortunate enough to have the facilities that we do and to be surrounded by the rugby community we are in. As the landscape for rugby continues to grow and evolve we hope to be pioneering alongside our team of innovators in order to give our athletes the best resources available in the country to propel them to whatever their future holds both on and off the pitch,” said Hawkins.


For more information on the Institute or Rugby, e-mail COO Hannah Lockwood or visit

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