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Midwest's Best Face Off at All-Stars

  • 14 Apr 2016


The annual Midwest U24 All-Star Tournament will unfold in Cottage Grove, Wisc., this weekend and see select sides from five states battling toward the title. College-age players from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin (which is fielding two sides) will benefit from the higher-level play, and new Thunderbirds coach Jeff Noe will be scouting for summer assembly invitees.


Tournament directors Gray Zischke and Roger Riley have divided the field into two pools: Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin Purple; and Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin White. Teams will play their two pool games on Saturday and determine place on Sunday.


Listed below are the full rosters; stay tuned for reports:



Zoe Babowice – Illinois State Univ.

Cristina Bravo – Univ. Illinois at Chicago

Gaby Chapin – DePaul Univ.

Jessica Dombrowski – Illinois State Univ.

Lauren Ebeling – Will County Morrigans

Alecia Eschenbrenner – Northern Illinois Univ.

Rafika Faci – Northern Illinois Univ.

Sarah Fulton – Univ. Chicago

Suzanne Glass – Will County Morrigans

Cydney Grannan – Univ. Chicago

Larissa Graziano – Southern Illinois Univ.

Dani Harkins – Univ. Illinois

Abby Hershik – Chicago North Shore

Jai Hillard – Univ. Illinois

Kelley Hirt – Will County Morrigans

Jessica Lubic – Will County Morrigans

Amy Martello – Chicago North Shore

Sidney Montano – Chicago North Shore

Mackenzie Moody – Northern Illinois Univ.

Alice Mukora – Univ. Chicago

Betty Nguyen – Chicago North Shore

Selena Ohuafi – Univ. Chicago

Jamila Picart – Univ. Chicago

Madeline Sovie – Univ. Chicago

Mackenzie Wood – Will County Morrigans



Katelyn Behounek – Simpson

Amity Beiner – Univ. Northern Iowa

Maureen Booth – Iowa State

Alex Curley – Simpson

Jess Dearden – Univ. Northern Iowa

Taylor Didesch – Iowa State

Kierstyn Ferguson – Iowa Central

Kayli Folkerts – Iowa State

Emma Frey – Univ. Northern Iowa

Danielle Gabel – Univ. Northern Iowa

Brittany Geiken – Iowa State

Jeronsica Kwok – At Large

Molly Langhenry – Univ. Northern Iowa

Eileen Lieb – Univ. Northern Iowa

Amy Loverin – Simpson

Laura Meany – Iowa State

Michaela Olthoff – Iowa State

Liz Reading – Iowa State

Megan Salyars – Univ. Northern Iowa

Liesel Schwartzkopf – Iowa State

Kassi Shultice – Univ. Northern Iowa

Tabetha Super – Palmer College

Dakota Taylor – Iowa State

Elief Ulger – Iowa State

Hannah Wyland – Univ. Iowa

Mariah Young – Des Moines

Leilani Zinsli – Univ. Iowa


Coach: Kassie Drey



Cat Atwood – Univ. North Dakota

Elizabeth Bain – St. Cloud State

Alexa Bryner – Duluth

Rebecca Bukvich – UM Twin Cities

Alexis Clark – UM Twin Cities

Rachel Colter – Minneapolis Menagerie

Amy Cross – St. Cloud State

Jessica Gold – Gustavus Adolphus

Emily Hanson – Bemidji State

Katana Howard – Twin Cities Amazons

Bethany Kiedrowski – North Dakota State

Hannah Kirkman – Duluth

Paige Liebl – North Dakota State

Averie Mitchell-Brown – UM Twin Cities

Stephanie Morande – UM Twin Cities

Ellen Moyer – UM Twin Cities

Katrina Nunes – UW River Falls

Tamara Schmidt – Duluth

Emily Schmitz – Univ. Minnesota

Kylynn Simon – UM Twin Cities

Kristin Tanner – UM Twin Cities

Brittany White – Minnesota Valkyries

Megan Wolff – Winona State Univ.


Coaching Staff

Rebecca Radtke – UM Twin Cities

Ali Gillberg – Twin Cities Amazons

Lynelle Kugler – Twin Cities Amazons



Marcaya Bailous – Notre Dame College

Alexis Barnes – Wright State

Cyndi Campbell – Ohio State

McKenna Cimperman – Ohio State

Brooke Clifford – Kent State

Jordan Costy – Akron

Tori Fantozzi – Ohio State

Emilia Ferrera – Notre Dame College

Nicole Fogwell – Kent State

Patsy Ford – Glendale (NDC)

Sarah Giachetti – Kent State

Darby High – Ohio State

Hannah Long – Notre Dame College

MaryKate McNulty – Denison Univ.

Brittany Morrison – Ohio State Univ.

Alexis Morrison – Univ. Findlay

Abby Radnitzer – Denison Univ.

Hannah Roodhouse – Denison Univ.

Ja’lia Sheppard – Denison Univ.

Destiny Shivener – Wright State

Stephanie Snoeberger – Wright State

Cynthia Stevenson – Dayton

Danielle Walko-Suia – Notre Dame College

Abigail Walters – Univ. Findlay

Katie White – Kent State

Chemtria Wilson – Ohio Univ.


Coach: Jeff Horton – Kent State



Genevieve Adamski – UW Stevens Point

Megan Ahnen – Michigan Technological Univ.

Danny Bitner – UW Stevens Point

Allison Brost – UW Eau Claire

Danielle Dunn – UW Milwaukee

Samantha Dunn – UW Milwaukee

Melanie Eck – UW River Falls

Lacy Engel – UW Milwaukee

Callie Helminger – UW Stout

Krystal Hermosillo – UW Platteville

Hannah Hinefeld – UW Stevens Point

Elizabeth Jacobson – UW Milwaukee

Janee Kutz – UW Eau Claire

Hay Lauren – UW Oshkosh

Christine Leonard – UW Stout

Katie Lund – UW Stout

Morgan Pinzer – UW Platteville

Ashley Shaw – Wisconsin Women

Andrea Sortillion – UW Stevens Point

Lillian Strehlow – UW Eau Claire

Rachel Stuebs – UW Oshkosh

Chelsea Tjepkema, – UW Platteville

Elizabth Vaala – UW Madison

Maggie Virnich – UW Platteville

Brittany Wirth – UW Whitewater



Laura Adams – UW Madison

Elizabeth Bellis – UW Madison

Megan Bodin – UW Stout

Tandra Breitzman – UW Stout

Jenny Glaser – UW Madison

Maggie Hutchinson – UW Madison

Sarah Jelle – UW Stevens Point

Katherine Kroening – Milwaukee Scylla

Lauren McCormack – Wisconsin Women

Courtney McKasy – UW Eau Claire

Jenna Mehre – UW Madison

Rachel Mueller – UW Stevens Point

Beth Pokorny – UW Oshkosh

Taylor Rozman – UW Madison

Kali Schulte – UW Madison

Katherine Simom – UW Oshkosh

Brooke Tashner – UW Platteville

Claire Tomashek – UW Eau Claire

Marissa Westaby – UW Stout

Madison Wieland – UW Oshkosh

Katrina Wilz – UW Oshkosh

Erika Winner – UW Milwaukee


Coaching Staff

Anna Bavery – UW Stout

Kathryn Coppage – UW Milwaukee

Xanthi Gerasimo – UW Stout

Mike Good – UW Oshkosh

Gray Zischke – UW Stevens Point


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