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NASC to Name Super Series Roster

  • 02 Jun 2016

Former OTC residents like Hunter Griendling have played their way into the 15s pool.


GREELEY, Colo. – One month prior to the kickoff of the second annual Women’s Rugby Super Series, University of Northern Colorado is hosting 53 athletes for a National All-Star Competition (NASC) June 2-7.


An assembly roster for the July 1-9 Super Series – also featuring top-ranked sides Canada, England, and France – will come out of the NASC, held the same weekend as the USA Rugby Club National Championships in Glendale, Colo. Athletes in attendance will be separated into two teams for matches held Saturday, June 4, and Tuesday, June 7.


Women’s Eagles Head Coach Pete Steinberg will lead the camp as well as attend Club Championships Saturday, at which at least five NASC invitees could be in action with their club sides. With the Women’s Division I and Division II Finals scheduled for June 4, the senior club players will follow the same recovery guidelines as the players in that day’s NASC match.


Several student-athletes – including College 15s National Champions Tess Feury and Taylah Pipkin – will also travel to Colorado for the NASC instead of playing in their final sevens tournament of the collegiate season. Elizabeth Cairns, Pennsylvania State University Head Coach Kate Daley, and College 7s National Champion Nicole Strasko will arrive at the end of the weekend, coaching and playing for Penn State and Life University in said tournament.


Forty-one of the athletes invited to the NASC are currently in the Women’s Eagles or age-grade player pools, named in February. Others, like Nicole Snyder of College 7s runner-up Bloomsburg University and former Olympic Training Center residents Hunter Griendling and Kate Zackary, have played their way into selection consideration.


The six total matches of the Super Series will be played at Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City 14 months prior to the start of Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017 in Ireland. The NASCs will continue to serve as a selection vehicle for such competitions, as well as age-grade assemblies.


The Super Series roster will be announced at the culmination of the NASC.


National All-Star Competition | June 2-7
Adekemi Adewunmi – Denver Black Ice
Baylee Annis – Burlington
Kathryn Augustyn – Berkeley All Blues
Catherine Benson – Life West
Rebekah Bernheim – Colorado Springs
Sylvia Braaten – Twin Cities Amazons
Stacey Bridges – Scion Sirens
Ruth Bryson – Berkeley All Blues
Sarah Buonopane – Beantown
Elizabeth Cairns – Pennsylvania State
Elena Cantorna – Seattle Saracens
Sarah Chobot – Glendale Raptors
Bianca Dalal – San Diego Surfers
Kathleen Daley – Women’s National Team
Yejadai Dunn – Dartmouth College
Frieda Fetu’u – Berkeley All Blues
Tiffany Faaee – New York Rugby Club
Tess Feury – Pennsylvania State
Megan Foster – Life West WRFC
Jordan Gray – Brigham Young University
Rachel Griendling – Women’s National Team
Nicole James – Houston Athletic Rugby Club
Bailey Johnson – Minnesota Valkyries
Molly Kinsella – Glendale Raptors
Joanna Kitlinski – Glendale Raptors
Hannah Lockwood – San Diego Surfers
Jennifer Lui – Glendale Raptors
Samantha Luther – Beantown
Etta Mailau – Vipers
Saskia Morgan – Brown University
Uzoamaka Okoro – Brown University
Deven Owsiany – San Diego Surfers
Samantha Pankey – Washington Furies
Sara Parsons – Austin Valkyries
Christiane Pheil – Chicago North Shore
Megan Pinson – Life West WRFC
Taylah Pipkin – Pennsylvania State University
Jamila Reinhardt – Augusta WRFC
Lauren Rhode – New York Rugby Club
Hope Rogers – Pennsylvania State University
Kimberly Rozier – Washington Furies
Francesca Sands – Norwich University
Haley Schafer – Central Washington University
Asinate Serevi – Central Washington University
Jennifer Sever – Life West WRFC
Nicole Snyder – Bloomsburg University
Kelsi Stockert – Seattle Saracens
Nicole Strasko – Life University
Naya Tapper – University of North Carolina
Elizabeth Trujillo – San Diego Surfers
Alycia Washington – Hartford Wild Roses
Jessica Wooden – American Rugby Pro Training Center
Katherine Zackary – Women’s National Team


National All-Star Competition | Coaching Staff
Pete Steinberg – Head Coach
Peter Baggetta – Coach
Martha Daines – Coach
Richard Ashfield – Coach
Katrina Logan – Coach
Jon Mooney – Coach
Kitt Ruiz – Coach
Lisa Rosen – Coach Advisor


National All-Star Competition | High Performance Staff
Christian Carter – Strength & Conditioning
Michael Souders – Strength & Conditioning
Sarah Leslie – Head Physiotherapist
Amie Kern – Physiotherapist
Caitlin Singletary – Video


National All-Star Competition | Management
Roshna Wunderlich
Lance Pruett


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