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[USWRF] Remembering Kathy Flores

  • 21 Oct 2021


USWRF – With great sadness, we announce the death of beloved rugby legend Kathy Flores after losing her battle with colon cancer.

Kathy’s rugby families at Brown University, Providence Women’s Rugby, Berkeley All Blues, Cal Berkeley Women’s Rugby Club, San Francisco Women’s Rugby, San Francisco Fog RFC, Pacific Coast All Star Rugby Team, Women’s Eagles, Florida State University and the U.S. Women’s Rugby Foundation will mourn her passing.

A virtual celebration of Kathy’s life is being planned. More information to come.

Read the full obituary here.

For information on the Kathy Flores Memorial Fund, click here.

To share your memories of Kathy, post here.

Scouting at the 2019 LVI 7s

I am a big fan of Kathy Flores – in all of the ways that are obvious and shared with the larger rugby community. I am especially grateful for meeting Kathy very early in my rugby-reporting career. She always took time for me, spoke frankly and unapologetically, and when I erred, she corrected me like a thoughtful mentor, someone who had perspective and wanted the women’s rugby community to be the best version of itself.

One memory stands out … at the 2010 Women’s Rugby World Cup in England, I watched the USA drop a heartbreaker to Ireland. I was nervous about the post-game interviews because no one likes talking after a loss, especially minutes after that loss. There were no media liaisons or press conferences, so I stood in a busy public building, wondering how I was going to coax someone into a quiet conversation before heading to the locker room. Kathy saw me and immediately pulled me to the side for an intense, unfiltered “interview” (in quotes because Kathy just let it rip with no prompting from me). I was struck by the poise, honesty and clarity of her insight, and the fact that she didn’t just walk by pretending not to see me. I attended the next team training, and again, Kathy encouraged me to talk to players who were still healing from that defeat, insinuating that it was good for both of us to have those conversations.

What coach takes a journalist under their wing? I and rugby owe Kathy a lot..PHOTO: I was making an Instagram post about all the college scouts at the 2019 LVI 7s. The direction was: Pretend like you’re recruiting. Masterpiece!

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