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NOTE: Only paying subscribers have access to locked content. LEARN MORE.


If you haven't received a welcome e-mail from, then first make sure the e-mail address associated with your PayPal account (or whichever method of payment you used) is the account you're checking. If you need to update it with TRB, then just e-mail us and we'll update our records.

Then you'll need to create your website account here. Admin will approve access, and once you log in, you'll have free run of the site.

Go to the log-in page and click on the "Forgot password" link. You'll be prompted for your e-mail address. TRB does not have the administrative power to reset your password.

Translation for this circular messaging (which is regrettably out of TRB's control):

At some point you created an account by entering your e-mail and password, but the account hasn't been approved for content access because you didn't purchase a subscription yet. Check your e-mail* for subscription instructions or visit the subscription page for next steps.

Once you subscribe, PayPal or Venmo will notify the site of the transaction, and your account will be approved for access.

* Editor's note: Oftentimes, readers will revisit the site a long time after their first attempt to sign in, so those e-mailed instructions are long buried in their inboxes. Contact Jackie with questions.

If you're already a subscriber - THANK YOU! To change your subscription, you need to cancel your current monthly subscription in PayPal and then re-subscribe via the $50 option on the site's subscription page.

You won't need to recreate your account on TRB, though.

Yes. TRB receives subscriptions via Venmo (UN: Jacqueline-Finlan), bank wires, checks via snail mail, and credit cards over the phone. E-mail or call (646) 589-1538 for more info.

Yes. If you're opposed to monthly debits, then any one-time payment will translate into X months of access.

For example, a $100 payment is equal to 20 months of access; $25 is equal to 5 months. To use this option, select the "One Time" button under the Subscription Options subhead.

There is also an annually renewing subscription option of $60. For the month of February (in honor of the site's transition to a subscription-only model), one-year subs are $50 for the life of the renewal.

First, thank you for your patronage!

Second, if you paid through PayPal, then you can cancel your subscription at any time:

1. Log into PayPal and go to account setting

2. From your account profile page, select the "Payments" tab

3. "Automatic Payments" features at the top of the page; click the "Manage automatic payments" button (screenshots are in desktop view):

4. A list of your active automatic payments will be listed; select "The Rugby Breakdown," and in the "Status" field, click "Cancel." That's it.

If you still have questions, e-mail

Monthly subscriptions will renew until you disable it in PayPal. (see "cancel my subscription" FAQ for instructions)

There are no automatic renewals through Venmo. Feel free to contact us if your start/end dates elude you.