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NOTE: Only paying subscribers have access to locked content. LEARN MORE.


Go to the log-in page and click on the "Loss Your Password?" link. You'll be prompted for your e-mail address and instructions to reset your password will be delivered.

Yes. But remember: You can use your debit/credit card during the sign-up process without creating a PayPal account (more detailed instructions below).

Otherwise, you can use Venmo (@Jacqueline-Finlan). A one-month subscription is $5, so just multiply that amount by the number of months you want access to the site (e.g., 5-month subscription = $25). I have to set up Venmo subscriptions manually, so watch for e-mailed instructions or reach out to Jackie Finlan for more info.

Subscribe with credit/debit card without creating PayPal account

1. Select your subscription amount from the registration page.
2. Click "Subscribe" and you'll be routed to a PayPal landing page.
3. At the bottom of the log-in page, click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card":

4. You'll be routed to the payment page and then at the bottom of the form, there's an option to NOT create a PayPal account. Click that box:

You're all set!


Yes. There is also an annual subscription option for $60.

If you only want, say, five months of access, then consider the Venmo option (more info in Question #3), or contact Jackie Finlan with requests.

Most important, thank you for your patronage!

To cancel your subscription, first log into the site. In the main menu, click on "My Account," then "Your Membership".

Listed under "Actions," you'll see an option to cancel your membership. The phrase might not looked hyperlinked, but it is, so just click that option and you'll be all set.

If you still have questions, contact Jackie Finlan and I'll cancel your sub manually.

Monthly and annual subscriptions will renew until you unsubscribe. You can check Your Membership page for the exact date of renewal. (See Question 5 for cancel instructions.)

There are no automatic renewals through Venmo. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.