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Jackie FinlanTo contact editor-in-chief Jackie Finlan, email is the best mode, but The Rugby Breakdown Instagram (@therugbybreakdown) inbox is also regularly reviewed.
I, Jackie Finlan, began my professional rugby-writing career in 2005, when Ed Hagerty hired me as an assistant editor at Rugby Magazine. I learned everything out of that Upper West Side office — the full process of producing of a nationwide, monthly printed publication (with a two-person staff); to the vastness of the American rugby space.

I relied on that foundation as Rugby Magazine developed its online presence under the guidance of Alex Goff, of the now-named Goff Rugby Report. Goff introduced me to the mania that is online journalism and live event coverage, and was the same one-stop-shop that Hagerty was (RIP, Jan. 15, 2023) — responsible for interviewing, writing, editing, photography, advertising, design, and general hustling.

My two mentors had two things in common — a deep devotion to rugby, and a sense of duty to the sport and its people — and, as Hagerty used to say, I “drank the Kool-Aid,” too.

I formed The Rugby Breakdown (TRB) in January 2016 because I wanted to focus all of my attention and reportage on girls and women’s rugby in the U.S. That’s my devotion and object of duty. I strive to produce and circulate original news, covering everything between high school rugby up through the U.S. Women’s National Team, for the benefit and enjoyment of women’s rugby fans around the country.

To give the sport its proper attention, TRB is my full-time job and thus lone source of income. So while there is a lot of free content on the site — invaluable resources like a women-only rugby calendar, weekly scores, college recruit list, etc. — TRB survives on a subscription model. The feature pieces that include player, coach, ref, administrator interviews are behind a paywall, and I am forever grateful for the readers who choose to pay for access and support girls and women’s rugby reportage.

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Personally, I started playing rugby at Univ. Arizona in 2000, and the incomparable Nancy Purdin was my first coach and introduction to the rugby world. After graduation, I moved to New York, and while I worked at a mortgage newspaper, trade book publisher and Catholic weekly, I played with Suffolk Bull Moose. When I was hired at Rugby Magazine, I joined the Village Lions and spent the majority of my playing days with the East Village-based club.

The only other notable career highlight is that I co-captained the first-ever Philippine Women’s Rugby 7s National Team with my Village Lions teammate Rosie Rough. The Volcanoes debuted at the 2010 Asian 7s Championships. Also co-captained the 2011 Hong Kong 7s. Now, it’s Old Girl tours, aka fear rugby, but still kickin’!