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2023-24 Women’s Collegiate Brackets: All Competitions

  • 06 Nov 2023

For convenience and clarity, The Rugby Breakdown collates all of the various collegiate 15s championships into one spreadsheet (link). Competitions are listed in chronological order, so toggle through the tabs at the foot of document to understand who’s playing where. Additionally, if a team advanced to the regional stages through conference playoffs or title match, then those results are included in a note in that team’s cell (hover over the black triangle).

The majority of competition tabs are for 15s, but at the end of the doc, there is room for the two major collegiate 7s tournaments. The following organizations are holding their 15s national championships or 15s seasonal championship before the end of 2023:

National Intercollegiate Rugby Association (NIRA) – DI, DII and DIII NCAA varsity programs. Nov. 11 semifinals, Nov. 18 finals.

National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) – Non-NCAA Division I, Division II and Small College programs. Nov. 10-12 regional playoffs; Dec. 2-3 nationals.

Collegiate Rugby Association of America (CRAA) – Non-NCAA DI and DII programs with separate fall- and spring-based competitions. Dec. 1

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