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Beast of the East Prevails in Portsmouth

  • 27 Apr 2023
Boston rugby

The Beast of East hosted more than 50 girls’ high school and women’s college sides last weekend in Portsmouth, R.I. The two-day tournament fielded two divisions of college 15s, two divisions of college 7s, and a girls’ high school 7s competition. The Providence RFC event serves the collegiate and youth age grades only, and also held men’s college, boys’ high school and youth touch competitions. [Lead photo: Boston Univ., “Kraken” runner-up; photo by Madeline Gravelle, a visual]

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Tier 1 (“Kraken”)
1. Vassar College
2. Boston Univ.

Tier 2 (“Loch Ness”)
1. Binghamton University
2. Salve Regina University

Tier 1 (“Hydra”)
1. Roger Williams University

Tier 2 (“Banshee)
1. Colby College (1)
2. Hofstra University (2)

1. Mystic River
2. Lady Barbarians

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College 15s: Tier 1 “Kraken”

Vassar Rugby

Vassar College / Photo by Madeline Gravelle, a visual

There were two college 15s divisions: “Kraken,” for the top tier, and “Loch Ness,” for tier two. Everyone played 20-minute halves during pool play, and then semifinals and finals were 25-minute halves. In Kraken, DII Vassar College won its 10th Beast of the East championship since 1995, and did it without relinquishing a point against. Read more. In the final, the Brewers beat DI Boston University 43-0.

Marist 22-5 UCONN B
Boston 25-0 American
Vermont 66-0 UMASS B
UMASS A 15-5 American
Providence 26-5 Marist
Vassar 51-0 UCONN B
Vassar 43-0 Providence
Vermont 22-5 Boston

SF: UCONN B 17-12 Providence
SF: UMASS 53-0 American
Final: UMASS 36-0 UCONN B

SF: Vassar 52-12 Marist
SF: Boston 32-0 Vermont
Final: Vassar 43-0 Boston

College 15s: Tier 2 “Loch Ness”

Binghamton Rugby

SUNY Binghamton / Photo by Madeline Gravelle, a visual

SUNY Binghamton took home the “Loch Ness” Cup, defeating SUNY Oswego, Fordham Univ. and RPI en route to Sunday’s final. Salve Regina was equally successful through the first three rounds, but Binghamton had the goods in the final for a 22-12 win and trophy.

Binghamton 22-7 Oswego
Binghamton 46-0 Fordham
Salve Regina 38-12 Oswego
Salve Regina 50-0 Fordham
RPI 17-10 Plymouth St
RPI 41-0 Oneonta
Plymouth St 22-5 WIT
WIT 25-5 Oneonta

SF: WIT 15-0 Fordham
SF: Binghamton 12-5 RPI
Final: Oswego 17-12 WIT

SF: Oswego 39-0 Oneonta
SF: Salve Regina 15-10 Plymouth St
Final: Binghamton 22-12 Salve Regina

College 7s: Tier 1 “Hydra”

Roger Williams rugby

Roger Williams / Photo by Madeline Gravelle, a visual

The college 7s divisions had the setup with a Tier 1 (“Hydra”) and Tier 2 (“Banshee”). Roger Williams traditionally features in the 15s competition but with the impending Collegiate Rugby Championship (CRC) 7s outside of Washington, D.C., it made sense for the Hawks to do 7s in 2023. UCONN is also pursuing a 7s national title but with CRAA and the DI went undefeated through pool play and the knockouts, just like Roger Williams. In the Sunday final, however, it was the Bristol, R.I., program that notched the 7-5 win and trophy.

Roger Williams 42-0 UMass Dartmouth
Roger Williams 44-0 Catholic
Roger Williams 50-0 Rutgers
Rutgers 24-17 UMass Dartmouth
Rutgers 43-0 Catholic
UMass Dartmouth 29-0 Catholic

Boston College 10-0 Rhode Island
Boston College 15-10 Merrimack
Boston College 17-5 Stony Brook
Rhode Island 17-0 Merrimack
Rhode Island 12-10 Stony Brook
Stony Brook 5-0 Merrimack

UCONN 22-0 New Paltz
UCONN 34-0 Bentley
UCONN 34-0 Fairfield
Bentley 15-0 Fairfield
Bentley 39-0 New Paltz
Fairfield 31-0 New Paltz

SF: Rhode Island 17-5 UMass Dartmouth
SF: Bentley 15-0 Stony Brook
Final: Bentley 22-0 Rhode Island

SF: UCONN 30-0 Boston College
SF: Roger Williams 25-0 Rutgers
Final: Roger Williams 7-5 UCONN

College 7s: Tier 2 “Banshee”

Colby College rugby

Colby College / Photo by Madeline Gravelle, a visual

Maine’s Colby College went 5-0 in Portsmouth and only allowed two tries against en route to the trophy. Finalist Hofstra Univ. also allowed just two converted tries against until the final, but Colby put down a 24-0 win for the Banshee title.

Boston College B 15-0 Fairfield B
Bryant 24-12 Johnson & Wales
Bryant 31-10 Hartwick
Central CT 14-5 Stonehill
Central CT 7-0 Hartwick
Colby 22-0 Buffalo State
Colby 36-5 UM Farmington
Colby 41-0 Johnson & Wales
Hofstra 19-7 Central CT
Hofstra 27-0 Southern CT
Hofstra 41-0 Johnson & Wales
Keene State 15-12 Lafayette
Keene State 20-0 Fairfield
Keene State 25-5 Boston College B
Lafayette 20-0 Boston College B
Lafayette 20-0 Fairfield B
Southern CT 22-0 Buffalo State
Stonehill 10-7 Bryant
Stonehill 7-0 Hartwick
UM Farmington 24-0 Southern CT
UM Farmington 27-0 Buffalo State

SF: Stonehill 7-0 Lafayette
SF: UM Farmington 17-12 Central CT
Final: UM Farmington 17-15 Stonehill

SF: Colby 33-5 Bryant
SF: Hofstra 10-7 Keene State
Final: Colby 24-0 Hofstra


Massachusetts’ Mystic River dominated on the day, posting big shutouts until the final. The Wrentham Lady Barbarians also put up solid numbers throughout the tournament, but Mystic River took the title with a 27-10 win. The New Hampshire Ospreys finished 3rd with a 25-15 win against combination squad Fairfield Spartans.

Barbarians 25-5 Lincoln-Sudbury
Barbarians 32-5 Belmont White
Fairfield Spartans 15-0 Belmont Blue
Fairfield Spartans 21-15 NH Ospreys
Mystic River 37-0 Lincoln-Sudbury
Mystic River 49-0 Belmont Blue
NH Ospreys 30-15 Belmont White

SF: Mystic River 49-0 NH Ospreys
SF: Barbarians 37-0 Fairfield Spartans
3rd: NH Ospreys 25-15 Fairfield Spartans
Final: Mystic River 27-10 Barbarians

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