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DII College Fall Rankings #2

  • 25 Sep 2018

Photo: Kim David Gourley / YSU Women’s Rugby Facebook

A few teams were replaced on the DII College Fall Rankings, but other than that, there were no changes to the order of the top 17 teams. Last weekend’s results did place some more teams on the “watch list,” however.

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Note that non-league (NL) results also include an opponent’s division for perspective. So, for example, No. 5 Colorado Mesa, which had its regular season decimated by the forfeitures of Idaho State and Northern Colorado, added a non-league game against DI BYU’s B side. Mesa was not punished for this result (BYU’s A side beat Air Force 72-7), and its record reflect both the win against Colorado School of Mines and its future forfeit wins.

There were a couple of games that drew interest last weekend and saw either the addition or removal of teams from the rankings or watch list:

  • Bloomsburg vs. Temple resulted in a two-point win for the Huskies and a rankings add for the Owls. Temple will play fellow MARC leader Kutztown this weekend, a game that should lend perspective early in the season.
  • Oakland University only fell 22-10 to Great Lakes leader Grand Valley State, so the rankings will watch the Michigan contender.
  • After defeating Columbia by 25 points, Penn officially forfeited its game to Yale. The teams played a game of 10s and Yale prevailed 65-20, and thus gets the spot on the rankings.
  • Reigning Allegheny champ Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) won its opener against DI Kent State and joined the rankings.
  • Both Vermont (41-17) and Eastern Kentucky (60-5) took heavy losses to the No. 3 and 4 teams, respectively, and exited the rankings.
  • Buffalo State’s 91-point win over Brockport nearly forced a raise, but the Doggies forfeited its first match and haven’t CIPPed a registered coach yet – so it looks like Brockport is struggling this year.

The “watch list” also includes teams that might be showing signs of vulnerability, so close wins against unranked teams or hefty non-league losses also draw attention of a different variety.

Finally, it’s important to note that not all scorelines are created equal. For example, we nearly shot Buffalo State up the rankings after the 91-point win, but upon further investigation, Brockport forfeited its first game, there’s no score reported for its second, and the team doesn’t have a registered coach CIPPed. So Brockport’s not at its healthiest and likely vulnerable.

Records reflect league games only.

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