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Midwest HS T-Birds Named for Tour

  • 21 Jan 2019

Summer camp attendees

The Midwest High School Thunderbirds are readying for another trip south, and head coach Garrett Fisher is bringing a larger roster to Florida from Feb. 14-17. Different opposition awaits as well this year, and coach Fisher pointed to USA Rugby South coach Chris Martin for making it happen.

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“With the tremendous success of our camp in July, we decided to include 35 players to attend this Florida trip to develop the ample young talent in the Midwest,” Fisher explained. “With this idea, we forced ourselves to find and convince quality competition to play.”

On Friday, Feb. 15, the Baby Birds will play Palm Beach County Youth Rugby Association Hurricanes, an all-star team, at the Tampa Bay Krewe women’s home pitch. And then on the weekend, the Midwest will play USA Rugby South U19s twice, with Eckerd College hosting on Saturday and Tampa Bay Krewe on Sunday.

“We would like to give special thanks to Mike Geibel of Eckerd College, Mary ‘Poca’ Miller of Tampa Bay Krewe, and Burt Wantlin of Wellington Wizards for being progressive thinkers and eager to create special events such as this for the growth of girls high school rugby,” Fisher ended.

As for the team itself, the 35 players hail from eight states. Alle English, Gina Pollice, Libby Moser, and Delany Moyer will serve as captains.


Becca Anselmen – Iowa

Aubrey Boing – Ohio

Molly Cancian – Ohio

Haley Crow – Wisconsin

Ava Denner – Iowa

Taylor Driver – Indiana

Alle English Ohio

Abby Farmer – Illinois

Anna Hensel – Indiana

Grace Hoch – Ohio

Kayla Hoch – New York

Alex Hyde – Michigan

Lauren Knoblauch – Ohio

Gwen Knutson – Wisconsin

Hannah Koorndyk – Michigan

Cici Loew – Michigan

Jada Morris – Iowa

Libby Moser – Indiana

Delany Moyer Indiana

Angelina Pieters – Wisconsin

Kate Pofok – Ohio

Gina Pollice – Michigan

Emily Rahja – Ohio

Zoe Ramirez – Ohio

Reece Regan – Ohio

Hanna Sarber – Michigan

Abby Terpstra – Minnesota

Erin Terwilliger New York

Makenna Tuman – Pennsylvania

Jayla Twitty – Ohio

Anna Walters – Ohio

Erin Ward – Ohio

Maggie Wetter – Ohio

Meg Wright – Wisconsin

Allexus Zielinski – Ohio


Garrett Fisher, Head Coach

John English, Attack Coach

Kinsey Branyt- Lees, Forwards Coach

Hannah Roodhouse, Forwards Coach

Stephanie “Parma” Bowers, Backs Coach


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