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Rogue Samurai Head to Vegas

  • 21 Feb 2019

Rogue Samurai at the 2018 LVI 7s

The Rogue Samurai rugby club formed with active duty military and veterans in mind. Founders wanted to provide a place where vets who might feel lost in the civilian world could find camaraderie and good rugby. With time, Rogue Samurai grew to include civilians who supported the team’s cause, and will field three 7s teams in the 2019 Las Vegas Invitational.

The two women’s teams will compete in the Open and Elite brackets, the latter being a big step for the military team. As such, Rogue Samurai is partnering with Scion Rugby Academy for its Elite team. Scion founder, Joanne Liu, is a big supporter of military rugby and will supply half of the roster.

“Our women’s team has been getting stronger over the years. We have won several smaller tournaments,” Rogue Samurai coach Terry Pledger noted. “We are grateful to be competing in the elite division and will be fielding a one of our strongest teams of the year. We hope surprise a few teams this year.”

All told, Rogue Samurai will field 18 players across the two teams, and are currently playing in Missouri, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Wyoming, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

“Lauren Bowser is a shifty back that will give teams a hard time. She is a Jamaican national team player that has played in the WPL for Beantown, and will inject pace and demand respect on the pitch.” Pledger noted. “Another notable player plays for the Atlanta Harlequins and the Dominican Republic national team: Gracie Martinez. She has been a force in 7s rugby since her days playing at Life University and FIU. She is a new addition to Rogue but is expected to do great things for the team.”

To see more rosters in the LVI Women’s Elite, click here.


Lauren Bowser – Beantown / Jamaica

Cierra Clawson – KC Jazz

Haley Harris – Univ. Wyoming

Gracie Martinez- Atlanta / Dominican Rep.

Kerra Wieberg – Columbia Black Sheep / KC Jazz

Mikey Williams – Severn River


Anna Albrecht – St. Louis Sabres

Sabrina Chmelir – Drew Univ / Morris

Gloria Cho – DC Furies

Kathleen Clement – Severn River

Jenelle Fuller – South Jersey

Megan Greco – Lancaster Thorns

Alexis Hamilton – OKC Crusaders

Kristen Maxey – DC Furies

Katelyn Sanders – Columbia Black Sheep / KC Jazz

Meredith Schwartz – St. Louis Sabres

Chrissy Wilson – South Jersey

Glory Woolley – Oklahoma State

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