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Midwest’s Senior Thunderbirds Return

  • 06 Jun 2019

Rose DiBalsamo / Photo: Jackie Finlan

The Midwest Rugby Football Union is extremely pleased to announce the 2019 Midwest Thunderbirds Men’s and Women’s sides. These sides were chosen from a pool of more than 300 men and women who competed for their Local Area Unions on May 4-5 at regional Select Side tournaments and then once again at the East/West Thunderbird Championships held in Chicago on May 18.

The Midwest Thunderbirds are scheduled participate in the historic Can-Am XV’s tournament this upcoming August with the U-24 Women’s Thunderbirds. Stay posted for additional details.

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THUNDERBIRDS – 1ST TEAM1. Christina Kukla, Chicago Lions (CARFU)2. Noby Takaki, Chicago North Shore (CARFU)3. Brittany Zeller, Will County Morrigans (CARFU)4. Monica Christian, Cincinnati (OH)5. Shannon Will, Milwaukee Scylla (WI)6. Rachel Rogawski, Will County Morrigans (CARFU)7. Margaret Nedow, Milwaukee Scylla (WI)8. Tierney Morton, Wisconsin RC (WI)9. Rose DiBalsamo, Chicago North Shore (CARFU)10. Nicole Fisch, Chicago North Shore (CARFU)11. Chloe Correia, Pittsburgh Forge (Allegheny)12. Sarah Anderson, Chicago (CARFU)13. Michelle Fogelsanger, Chicago Lions (CARFU)14. Devon Gold, Chicago Lions (CARFU)15. Andrea Sanchez, Columbus RC (OH)


1. Beth Rose, Pittsburgh Forge (Allegheny)2. Amanda Anders, Milwaukee Scylla (WI)3. Nickole Burkett, Pittsburgh Forge (Allegheny)4. Steph Bowers, Columbus RC (OH)5. Gina Fanelli, Cincinnati (OH)6. Devonna Francis, Columbus RC(OH)7. Morgan Haggerty, Pittsburgh Forge (Allegheny)8. Maggie Hutchison, Wisconsin (WI)9. Bridget Kapinus, Chicago North Shore (CARFU)10. Kaity Kasper, Chicago North Shore (CARFU)11. Ariane Lozac’hmeur, Chicago (CARFU)12. Justine Perl, Cincinnati (OH)13. Kadie Sanford, Chicago North Shore (CARFU)14. Loren Schlei, Milwaukee Scylla (WI)15. Chloe Wickstrom, Pittsburgh Forge (Allegheny)


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