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ARPTC @ Las Vegas

  • 11 Jan 2019

Taufoou sisters / Jackie Finlan photo

The Las Vegas Invitational website has populated its registered teams page yet, but the American Rugby Pro Training Center (ARPTC) has released its roster and will presumably play in the Women’s Elite division. The competition traditionally features fellow National Development Academies (NDAs), like Northeast and Scion, and select sides like Stars and Phoenix.

ARPTC 2019 Vegas 7s Roster

#1 Abby Vestal

#2 Jocelyn Jones

#3 Jaynee Taufoou

#4 Christina Swift

#5 Hallie Taufoou

#6 Emily Magee

#7 Nene Persinger

#8 Cyndi Campbell

#9 Felicity Powdrell

#10 Jesah Haun

#11 Angelina Lomu

#12 Summer Jones

All of the athletes are known entities – save New Zealander Felicity Powdrell. The NDA has several international connections, and there’s a nice relationship with New Zealand, which has both provided players and coaches for exchange, and received exports like Emily Magee.

Abby Vestal is *the* veteran, and Neariah Persinger is the capped 7s Eagle in the group. The Taufoou sisters will run together again, and there are several current or former Life University players included. Most players have ARPTC experience.

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