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Elkhart Readies for Girls’ Midwest HS 15s Championship

  • 22 Apr 2024
Midwest rugby

The Midwest Girls’ High School 15s Championship occurs this Saturday-Sunday, April 27-28 at the Moose Rugby Grounds in Elkhart, Ind. The annual event attracts the top girls’ high schools to the Division I bracket, and high school clubs and second sides have a place in the Open & JV Division.

Tournament Scores: Midwest Youth Rugby Twitter

Division I features eight teams from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. Sparta Rock is once again competing and represents the lone high school club. Last year, the Michigan champ advanced to the Midwest final against heavyweight Divine Savior Holy Angels, falling two points short of the national champion.

The DI teams are seeded 1-8 and will contest quarterfinals at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Central on Saturday. The winners advance to the semifinals, while the losers filter to the 5th place semifinals in the afternoon. On Sunday, teams play to place.

All games are 25-minute halves and will occur on the Red and White pitches.

The Open and JV Division also makes use of the third pitch, Blue, and plays a more round robin style. DSHA, St. Joseph and Warsaw have all provided JV teams. Indiana is well represented and have Ft. Wayne, Penn, Pendleton, Noblesville and Westside at the Moose Rugby Grounds. Perrysburg and Medina mix it up and bring the Ohio game to Elkhart.

Girls’ Championship director John Waliszewski and Midwest Youth Rugby administrator Bob Cronquist are the forces behind the annual Midwest tournament. Learn more at and follow MYR’s Twitter account, @RugbyMidwest, for live updates on scores.


Game times shown in Central Time


Saturday, April 27
(1) 10 a.m. Catholic Memorial v Warsaw (Red)
(2) 10 a.m. Brunswick v Sparta Rock (White)
(3) 11 a.m. Divine Savior Holy Angels v Chargers (Red)
(4) 11 a.m. Grandville v St. Joseph (White)

2 p.m. Winner 1 v Winner 2 (White)
3 p.m. Winner 3 v Winner 4 (White)

2 p.m. Loser 1 v Loser 2 (Red)
3 p.m. Loser 3 v Loser 4 (Red)

Sunday, April 28
12 p.m. 3rd place (White)
12 p.m. 7th place (Red)
1 p.m. 5th place (Red)
2 p.m. Championship (White)


Saturday, April 27
10 a.m. DSHA JV v St. Joseph JV (Blue)
12 p.m. Perrysburg v Noblesville (Red)
12 p.m. Pendleton v Medina (White)
12 p.m. Penn v Westside (Blue)
1 p.m. DSHA JV v Warsaw JV (Red)
1 p.m. St. Joseph JV v Ft. Wayne (White)
4 p.m. Noblesville v Penn (Red)
4 p.m. Medina v Westside (White)
5 p.m. Warsaw v Pendleton (Red)
5 p.m. Ft. Wayne v Perrysburg (White)

Sunday, April 28
10 a.m. Noblesville v DSHA JV (Red)
10 a.m. Penn v Medina (White)
11 a.m. St. Joseph JV v Warsaw JV (Red)
11 a.m. Ft. Wayne v Westside (White)
11 a.m. Pendleton v Perrysburg (Blue)

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