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NIRA Pre-Season Rankings

  • 29 Aug 2018

Hooray! Rankings! / Photo:

Full write-up to appear on the “free” side of the site, but the following serves as a preview …

NOTE: TRB rankings do not integrate competitions. So NIRA teams will not be ranked alongside DI Elite teams, and DI/II fall teams will not be ranked with DI/II spring teams. Why? Because teams’ cycles are based off their championships, so if, say, Penn State plays Quinnipiac in the fall, the former can take a developmental approach to the match, because its national championship is in May; whereas, the latter is looking to peak in mid-November. It’s just not a level playing ground.


1. Quinnipiac

2. Dartmouth

3. Harvard

4. Army

5. Norwich

6. AIC

7. Notre Dame College

8. Brown

9. West Chester

10. New England

11. Bowdoin

12. Sacred Heart

13. Mount St. Mary’s

14. Colby-Sawyer

15. Molloy

16. LIU Post

17. Castleton

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