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Rosters: USA U18 Wales Tour + Summer 15s Campers

  • 29 Jun 2024
Kiyannah Edwards rugby

Twenty-six players have been named to the USA Rugby Women’s U18 Junior National Team that is traveling to Wales from July 19-28. Another 46 players will participate in the East and West 15s camps, which occur in July as well. The Junior National Teams rely heavily on the support of donors, and Rhinos Rugby is matching all public donations up to $15,000, and XV Foundation has also returned as an important donor. [lead photo: Pat Moroney]


The USA U18s hail from 16 states: Arizona, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland (2), Michigan (2), New York, NorCal (4), North Carolina (2), Pennsylvania (3), SoCal (2), Tennessee, Texas, Utah (2) and Virginia. The group departs for Wales on July 19, and on July 23 plays the Netherlands, Wales and Scotland U18 teams festival style. On July 27, the USA U18s will play Wales U18s, and the game will live-stream on RugbyPassTV.

“This opportunity provides a wealth of learning for the players,” USA Rugby Women’s U18 Head Coach Sue Whitwell said. “Representing your country in an international competition comes with pressure, and learning to handle that pressure takes practice. The festival format allows us to experience a variety of game styles in a short period of time, which helps develop game understanding and flexibility of thinking. This is a critical chance for our players to develop their ability to identify, adapt and respond quickly under pressure.”


Sue Whitwell rugby

Sue Whitwell at 2024 high school club nationals / Photo: Jackie Finlan

Just like the USA U20s, the U18s will have the benefit of a state-side prepatory camp ahead of tour. The junior Eagles will combine with the East Camp attendees who hail from Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana (2), Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania (3), Tennessee and Wisconsin. Stacy Mancuso is the East Camp manager, while Heidi Whitman is managing the West Camp, which occurs July 2-7 at Western Oregon University. Thirty-five players are heading to the West Camp, and they are traveling from Arizona, Hawaii (3), Idaho (3), Montana, NorCal (3), North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon (3), SoCal (7), Texas (2), Utah (2) and Washington (7).

USA U18s Wales Tour

Natalie Allen – Vienna, Va.
Rebecca Balladares – West Carroll, Md.
Bailey Borum Gray – Hough, N.C.
Emerson Callegari – Texas / TRA
Camryn Cook – Chicago Lions, Ill.
Layla Cox – West Carroll, Md.
Drew Dauser – Sparta-Rockford, Mich.
Laella Delaney – Raleigh Cobras, N.C.
Kiyanah Edwards – Columbia Central, Tenn.
Nolah Flynn – Doylestown, Pa.
Aleksandria Gabbard – Tucson Thunderbirds, Ariz.
Dana Greer – Sacramento Harlequins, Calif.
Cora Haughey – Fallbrook, Calif.; The Duval Tides, Fla.
Anneliese Henrich – Orchard Park, N.Y.
Alyssa Hine – Rocky Mountain, Idaho
Marley Larkin – Majestics, Utah
Amenekina Latu – Wolverines, Calif.
Samantha Levine – Try Time, Calif.
Sana’a Lunon – State College, Pa.
Eseta Pale – SacPAL Amazons, Calif.
Alyssa Post – Sparta-Rockford, Mich.
Vasiti Turagavou – Provo/Wasatch, Utah
Salote Valikoula – Kahuku, Hawaii
Annabella Vogel – Knightmare, Pa.
Jennie Weiner – Aspetuck Valley, Conn.
Halateka Williams – Pleasanton, Calif.

USA U18 Coaches & Staff

Head Coach | Sue Whitwell
Kelly Griffin | Assistant Coach
Orlando Pulou | Assistant Coach
Kiah Sundermeir | Physio

U18 East Camp

Raquel Muniz Bermudez – Warsaw, Ind.
Arielle Noussa Fotso – Carmel, Ind.
Bridget McGonigle – Doylestown, Pa.
Mackenzie Marks – Morris, N.J.
Charlotte Davies – Downingtown, Pa.
Asha Davis – Chicago Lions, Ill.
Reese Smith – Aspetuck Valley, Conn.
Annie Huettel – North Bay, Md.
Cece Rose – Green Bay, Wis.
Kiernan Myles – Knightmare, Pa.
Cara Workman – Columbia Central, Tenn.

U18 West Camp

Genie Dickens – Raleigh Redhawks, N.C.
Ella Elordi – Eagle, Idaho
Olivia Frisby – Meridian, Idaho
Catherine Hart – Bitterroot, Mont.
Kiona Hill – Liberty, Wash.
Allison Honeycutt – Belmont Shore , Calif.
Liliani Harmoni Hopoate – Majestics, Utah
Rebekah Jenks – Meridian, Idaho
Aroen Jennings-Faletoi Belmont Shore, Calif.
Marley Lavea – Maui, Hawaii
Florinalaulaau Liufau – Belmont Shore, Calif.
Nila Lolesio-Pua – Belmont Shore, Calif.
Fenunuivao Oaklynd Malufau – Pasifika, Hawaii
Jainaya Masunu – Liberty, Wash.
Hazel McRobie – Summit, Ore.
Fiona Morgan – Woodlands, Texas
Lindsey Mulligan – Try Time, Calif.
Myah Natorp – Walnut Hills, Ohio
Valu Paea – At-Large
Khalea Pahulu – Belmont Shore, Calif.
Isabelle Patch – Woodlands, Texas
Sydneyrae Lolesio-Pua – Belmont Shore, Calif.
Ulalei Pulu – Maui, Hawaii
Seq’hiya Simmons – Tacoma Tsunami, Wash.
Fane Tausinga – Majestics, Utah
Brooke Taylor – Scottsdale, Ariz.
Loimataima’ataua Toia – SacPAL Amazons, Calif.
Lilah Tuani – Kent, Wash.
Lia Tuitavake – East County Grackles, Ore.
Ana Tuitavake – East County Grackles, Ore.
Lola Unga – Wolverines, Calif.
Naomi Van Zandt – Wolverines, Calif.
Trinity Wahl – Kent, Wash.
Azariah Walker – Rainier, Wash.
Liana Wayman – Kent, Wash.

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