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U19 Winter Camp Quote

  • 16 Jan 2019

In December, USA Rugby held its U18 and U19 winter camps. The recap wasn’t super informative (read it in its entirety), but I did enjoy the insight from current Harvard student-athlete Erica Jarrell:

“There’s something to be said about learning to play with an entirely new team over just five days. I think I found myself being pulled out of the roles I usually fall into with my team at Harvard, we know each other so well that things can become a bit prescribed. You’re not always carrying, sometimes you’re passing, sometimes you’re calling for a kick — these are decisions that I’ve never had to make before and it just gave me a different perspective on the field. Even our practice scrimmages were at a level of play that I only reached in the final of a championship before.”

TRB has an email out to Martha Daines for more feedback.

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