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Women’s College Rugby 7s & 15s Champions: 2022-23

  • 15 May 2023
collegiate rugby champs

The U.S. women’s rugby college season has closed in terms of naming 7s and 15s champions, and the following acknowledges those teams that advanced to their respective finals. The championship list is ordered by event date, and includes 15s and 7s competitions in the National Intercollegiate Rugby Association (NIRA), National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) and Collegiate Rugby Association of America (CRAA).

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Polar Bear Rugby Camp

In chronological order, the 2022-23 collegiate champions (see also: visual brackets):


NIRA DI: Dartmouth 15-10 Harvard

NIRA DII: Queens 34-27 Davenport (OT)

NIRA DIII: Bowdoin 29-0 Univ. New England

CRAA DI Elite: Lindenwood 17-15 Life

NCR DI: Michigan 41-14 Notre Dame College

NCR DII: UW Eau Claire 78-0 Marquette

NCR Small College: Endicott 24-12 Lee

CRAA DI Fall: Navy 61-28 Utah State

CRAA DII Fall: Vassar 78-24 Coast Guard

CRAA DI Spring: Did not play

CRAA DII Spring: Claremont 47-5 Howard


CRC 7s Premier: Brown 21-19 Army

CRC 7s DI Club: Clemson 29-17 UMASS

CRC 7s DII: Roger Williams 10-5 Colorado School of Mines

CRC 7s Small College: Endicott 15-10 Lee

CRAA 7s Premier: Life 17-14 Lindenwood

CRAA 7s DI: Northeastern 19-5 Air Force

CRAA 7s DII: Colorado Mesa Univ 19-14 San Jose St

NCR also holds an all-star 7s competition in January. The West beat the Big 10 conference 19-14 in the larger-school division, and Eastern Pennsylvania topped Colonia Coast 22-17 in overtime. 

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