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DI College Spring Final Ranking

  • 01 Jun 2016

Penn State and BYU working in the maul.

This final DI College Spring Top 15 adjusts the ranking for the two championships that occurred in early May. To learn how the “idle” teams ended their seasons, reference the previous rankings here.

Both of the DI championships fulfilled the hope for hard-hitting, impassioned finals. DI Elite competitors Penn State and BYU were not only vying for an inaugural title, but they were also validating the need for this next-level invitational. The rugby community was more than sated as Jordan Gray’s tackles reverberated through the television screen, and Scout Cheeks brought a whole new brand of power down the touchline. The Nittany Lions bested BYU 15-5, and it was a fantastic showcase for women’s collegiate rugby.

BYU’s swap with Life wasn’t an obligatory or easy move. On a two-game weekend, the Running Eagles pushed Penn State harder than anyone expected, and that experience hardened the eventual champion. Life nearly beat Penn State in the semifinals, and BYU faced a team with renewed discipline and vigor.

The DI spring championship was the most exciting of the day, as a closing-minute try from Erica Hipp pushed UC Davis past UVA. While there was some residual disappointment in the lack of a DI national championship, UC Davis and UVA rewarded audiences with an emotional, talent-rich final. It was one of those performances where, even though UVA lost in the final moment of the match, the full 80-minute display warranted a bump in the rankings.

Since the close of the 15s season, 7s fixtures and championships have occurred. Those results do not impact the spring 15s rankings and will be worked into a pan-division 7s list.


New rank (Previous rank) Team (League record). Results

1 (1) Penn State (13-0). Defeated BYU 15-5 in DI Elite final

2 (3) BYU (7-2). Lost 15-5 in DI Elite final

3 (2) Life (12-3). Idle

4 (4) Central Washington (10-1). Idle

5 (5) Lindenwood (8-3). Idle

6 (6) UC Davis (9-1). Defeated UVA 30-25 in spring championship

7 (8) UVA (9-1). Lost 30-25 in DI spring championship

8 (7) Stanford (5-3). Idle

9 (9) Chico State (4-5). Idle

10 (10) Washington State (8-3). Idle

11 (11) North Carolina (6-3). Idle

12 (12) UC San Diego (11-2). Idle

13 (13) Central Florida (8-2). Idle

14 (14) Florida International (7-1). Idle

15 (15) James Madison (4-3). Idle


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