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Northeast Academy Swarms NY 7s

  • 21 Nov 2018

Photo: Jackie Finlan

The 60th Annual New York 7s is readying for another Randall’s Island takeover, and the Northeast Academy is supplying four girls and women’s sides to the “home” tournament. The National Development Academy has entered two senior club teams, a college-aged side and a U18 squad from the Boston area.

Consummate leader Deanna Nash captains the Alpha Pack and is joined by a wealth of talent. In 7s, Kristi Kirshe, Shamira Robles and Paige Stathopoulos accompanied the USA Falcons to Hokkaido, Japan, in September. In 15s, many of the players are fresh of the Women’s Premier League season, while Sarah Levy just returned from the Eagles’ November tour of Chicago and Europe. Misha Green was also selected for the tour but was injured at the time.

The Beta Pack is led by Justina DeBruzzi, who has veteran support in teammates like Jess Davis and Kat Phelan. Younger players and recent collegiate graduates who have senior experience also mark this squad. The Alpha Cubs are college aged and led by current Army West Point captain Gio Ferguson-Lewis. The U18 group is based out of Boston and coached by Amy Beth Skenderian.


Malery BillingyTess Feury

Misha Green

Kristi Kirshe

Sarah Levy

Hannah Mackay

Deanna Nash (c)

Shamira Robles

Jennifer Salomon

Paige Stathopoulos

Claire Stingley

Abigael Yotts

Coach: Ryszard Chadwick


Justina DeBruzzii (c)Jess DavisKat PhelanMargaret ReissEmma SantosuossoAmanda SchweitzerSophia AgostinelliCourtney LeahyGracie MartinezMadi GegeckasSam Luther

Coach – Lucia Oswald


1. Gio Ferguson-Lewis (c)2. Jordy Cowan3. Mia Rose Lancellotti4. Tammy Cowan5. Hannah Bogich6. Isabel Haber7. Susan Adegoke8. Lekia Haynes9. Gianna Solomon10. Kathryn Treder

Coach: Lara Vivolo


Rebecca Anderson

Hannah Hlotyak

Karee Horton

Sadie Kabrhel

Mary Lee

Clare Martin

Kate Molloy

Ellen O’Connor

Suley Oller-Guerrero

Ana Oteri

Gabby Viale

Calista Weissman

Coach: Amy Beth Skenderian

Manager: Annemarie Farrell

Medical: Dr. Marc Kowalsky

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