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Scion Readying for NY 7s

  • 21 Nov 2018

Scion Rugby Academy is bringing a nice mix of players to the New York 7s, the annual tournament the day after Thanksgiving. The team will compete in the Women’s Premier Division and face the likes of teams like Northeast Rugby Academy (read more).

Long-timers like Maggie Myles, Saskia Morgan and Dana Meschisi lead a core group of 6-7 players who have been working together this past year. They helped the Sirens to the December 2017 Barbados World 7s title, 2018 LVI Elite 7s title win, and 2nd place at the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championship. Since then, the New York-bound players have remained busy this fall.

Ally Gallagher and Jade McGrath traveled to Hokkaido, Japan, with the USA Falcons in September. Saskia Morgan spent another season in Australia, representing Tasmania in the Aon 7s Series. Emily Henrich and Alycia Washington went on tour with the USA 15s Eagles in November, and the former helped Dartmouth to its first NIRA national championship.

The entire roster has represented Scion in the past, save Saher Hamdan, who is still a “maybe” for this trip, according to head coach Joanne Liu, but definitely in the Scion system. Hamdan is one of two collegians on the roster and the freshman starred on Notre Dame College’s varsity roster this fall. Hamdan is well known in the Midwest as a standout Thunderbird and is a promising young talent in 7s.

For more information on the tournament, visit the event site.


Lucy Dawson

Ally Gallagher

Saher Hamdan

Corinne Heavner

Emily Henrich

Katie Lutton

Jade McGrath

Dana Meschisi

Kiki Morgan

Maggie Myles

Nate Serevi

Nicole Snyder

Alycia Washington


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