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SoCal Griffins Seek 15s Opponent

  • 18 Dec 2018

Griffins in Vegas in 2017 / Photo: Jackie Finlan

Enthusiastic players and a dedicated coaching staff are rebuilding the Southern California RFU Griffins women’s program. The senior all-star team has planned a trip to the Las Vegas Invitational and is searching for a 15s opponent for, ideally, Saturday, March 2, although Friday, March 1 is also holds potential. (Contact Leah Wills for more info)

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The Griffins draw senior club players from Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas and New Mexico and, per head coach Swing DePoint, “seeks to create a viable and sustainable endeavor that allows for the growth of women’s rugby in the region, exposes players to new types of challenges and competition, and fosters community among players and coaches.”

Preliminary selections have been made and will be fine-tuned during the next practice, which coincides with SCRFU Day on February 17. Joining DePoint on staff are Anita Bradbury (Belmont Shore) and Ashley Loftus (unattached / Minnesota Youth Rugby), and team managers include Julie Gould (Ventura) and Leah Wills (Tempe).

The majority of senior all-star programs disbanded after USA Rugby dissolved their national championships. Sevens all-star programs were more easily replaced as NDAs and summer-only 7s programs emerged, but a gap remained in the 15s game. Slowly but surely, regions starting reinstating these 15s opportunities, which brought next-level competition and coaching to the aspiring senior club player. Capital GU, USA Rugby South, Mid-America and Texas are among the active senior all-star programs, and Stars is always in the mix as a 7s and 15s touring program.

To get in contact with the SoCal Griffins, e-mail Wills at

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