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DII College Spring Rankings

  • 29 Mar 2016

Humboldt jumps up a spot after its West Coast title win. /// Photo: Jackie Finlan


This is the last DII ranking before the regional playoffs begin. The post-season will contrast the conferences’ relative strength, and that insight could even see teams whose seasons have ended join the Top 15.


Not much has changed otherwise. The big move was Humboldt into the #3 slot. The Lumberjacks won the West Coast conference 66-12 against a very good UN Reno. The Wolfpack had already been knocked down a spot after its previous loss to Humboldt, but the Nevada team is better for its three games against the NorCal side. UN Reno is physical and fast, but Humboldt is just growing in strength (read more).


Other results reinforced the existing rankings: Southern California beat UC Irvine 60-31 in the Gold Coast semifinals and earned a trip to the regional championships; Mary Washington defeated George Washington 42-20; South Carolina stayed undefeated with a 37-17 league-closing win against Appalachian State.


Several conferences will be hosting their playoffs this weekend. South Carolina plays UNC Charlotte in the Carolinas final. The first match went 49-12 to USC. The Gold Coast sees UC Riverside and Long Beach State compete in the second semifinal, and should the Highlanders win, then they’ll take the uncontested top seed to regionals. Southern California will take #2. The South hosts its final four, with UGA vs. UT Chattanooga in one semifinal and Kennesaw State vs. Tulane in the other. The final will be contested on Sunday, and the victor will have home-field advantage in the Round of 16.


The following weekend, April 9-10, is when the real fun begins. The Round of 16 will see teams convene at Atlanta, UC Riverside, UC Davis and a replacement for Virginia Tech. The four victors will move onto the DII spring championship semifinals and name the side to face Davenport in the DII national championship.



New Rank (Old Rank) Team (Record)*. Results


1 (1) Davenport (11-0). Defeated Grand Rapids senior club 52-8

2 (2) UC Riverside (6-0). Idle

3 (4) Humboldt (7-0). Won West Coast conference vs. UN Reno 66-12

4 (3) Salisbury (4-0-1). Idle

5 (5) UGA (4-0). Defeated Emory 25-0

6 (6) Mary Washington (5-1). Defeated George Washington 42-20

7 (7) South Carolina (5-0). Defeated App State 37-17

8 (8) Southern California (6-1). Defeated UC Irvine 60-31

9 (9) UN Reno (4-3). Lost 66-12 to Humboldt in West Coast final

10 (10) Western Oregon (5-1). Idle

11 (11) George Washington (4-2). Lost 42-20 to Mary Washington

12 (12) Eastern Washington (5-1). Idle

13 (13) Arkansas (3-0). Idle

14 (14) UC Irvine (4-3). Lost 60-31 vs. USC

15 (15) Kennesaw State (4-0). Idle


* The record includes league and playoff games only, not friendlies, including those played in the fall.


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