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Confirmed: Falcons in Japan

  • 19 Sep 2018

UPDATE (2 p.m. Pacific): The USA Falcons are indeed heading to Japan for the Hokkaido 7s tournament. USA Rugby *should* release the roster today.

Japan has been ravaged by natural disasters this summer, and is still recovering from torrential rains and landslides, deadly temperatures, an earthquake and more. There is a charity tournament occurring Sept. 23-24, and according this flyer, the USA is one of several women’s national teams attending (photo is of women’s flyer).

There has been no mention from the national office of the Eagles or USA Falcons, the representative side, heading to Japan, but that does not mean that player aren’t boarding planes this week. If the U.S. does send a team, it will be the third time this year (Falcons in Okinawa, Eagles in Kitakyushu) that the Americans have played in Japan. Would be a nice warm-up for Glendale, Colo.!

More to come as it is discovered …

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