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NCR Names 2023 All-Americans

  • 01 Feb 2024
Bonaventure rugby

National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) is home to 240 women’s teams and 6,000 players. And from that pool, NCR has selected 23 players apiece to its Division I, Division II and Small College All-American teams.

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NCR contests its entire women’s 15s championship season in the fall, and then the January all-star 7s competition brings next-level athletes additional exposure to NCR staff, namely Women’s Directory Angela Smarto and Small College Coordinator Kelsea Thompson. They selected the 69 student-athletes for the three All-American teams.


Vassar rugby

Sophia Bailey / Photo: Jackie Finlan

“It’s a pretty involved process,” Smarto said. “It’s more than looking at stats or selecting captains from the top-finishing teams. Coaches nominate players — and I love it when they highlight opposition players. We watch film, or if we’re lucky, watch nominees play in person. We also do a bit of digging if a league or team is under-represented. All told, it takes more than 50 hours of work for NCR staff.

“Yes, there are going to be people we miss,” Smarto continued. “But the more we highlight our membership, the more people will be ready to participate in these crowd-sourcing processes, and the deeper our reach will grow.”


UWEC rugby

The All-Americans represent 32 teams from 20 conferences nationwide. Small College national champion St. Bonaventure leads all teams with six selections, followed by fellow champions Eau Claire (Division II) and Michigan (Division I), as well as Small College runner-up Platteville, all with five each.

The Great Waters led all conferences with 13 total selections; seven Small College and six in DII. The Big Ten scored 11 All-Americans, followed by Upstate New York with seven, the Colonial Coast with six and the Ohio Valley with five.

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Platteville rugby

Selena “Crusher” Bodendein / Photo: Jackie Finlan

Thirteen players are repeating as All-Americans. In Small College, St. Bonaventure’s Makenna Ramsey, Baldwin Wallace’s Molly Cancian and East Stroudsburg’s Morgan Mattia are two-time selections, and Endicott’s Tess Merrill is a three-time All-American. In DII, Colorado College’s Lily Hess and Eau Claire’s Calla Dexheimer, Cerys Ridd and Izzy Currie are repeat honorees.

In Division I, Notre Dame College’s Mary McLoughlin, Michigan’s Ember Larson, and Southern Nazarene’s Telesi Uhatafe are repeat selections, while Northern Iowa’s Jessi Inman and NDC’s Alivia Leatherman are three-time All-Americans. Joining Alivia in the honor for the first time is senior sister Lucy Leatherman.


# Player – School, Position, Year
1 Rebecca Dooley – Univ. Michigan, Front Row, Jr
2 Mary McLoughlin – Notre Dame College, Front Row, Sr
3 Alivia Leatherman – Notre Dame College, Front Row, Jr
4 Jessi Inman – Univ. Northern Iowa, Second Row, Sr
5 Mary Akers – Indiana Univ., Second Row, Soph
6 Charlee McCormick – Notre Dame College, Back Row, Jr
7 Maddie Bowers – Univ. Michigan, Back Row, Jr
8 Lucy Leatherman – Notre Dame College, Back Row, Sr
9 Annie Henderson – Univ. Northern Iowa, Scrumhalf, Sr
10 Katie Gale – Univ. Michigan, Flyhalf, Jr
11 Morgan Linck – Univ. Northern Iowa, Back 3, Soph
12 Telesi Uhatafe – Southern Nazarene Univ., Center, Soph
13 Elizabeth Langlois – Univ. Iowa, Center, Grad
14 Grace Codd – Univ. Michigan, Back 3, Jr
15 Ember Larson – Univ. Michigan, Back 3, Sr
16 Morgan Stuckey – Indiana Univ., Front Row, Sr
17 Megan Tremblay – Univ. Notre Dame, Front Row, Soph
18 Carson Crenshaw – Univ. Virginia, Back Row, Sr
19 Kamryn Seale – Southern Nazarene Univ., Flyhalf, Sr
20 Maddy McVey – Iowa State Univ., Flyhalf, Sr
21 Grace Driewer – Univ. Notre Dame, Center, Sr
22 Shaianne McGruder – Indiana Univ., Center, Sr
23 Maria Donovan – Boise State Univ., Back 3, Jr


# Player – School, Position, Year
1 Emily Martel – UW Eau Claire, Front Row, Jr
2 Delaney Moyer – US Coast Guard Academy, Front Row, Sr
3 Serafina Delgado – Coastal Carolina Univ., Front Row, Sr
4 Elaina Grayson – Univ. Cincinnati, Second Row, Jr
5 Calla Dexheimer – UW Eau Claire, Second Row, Sr
6 Asia Baker – Vassar College, Back Row, Sr
7 Shannon Swinerton – Univ. Cincinnati, Back Row, Jr
8 Taylor Powell – Univ. Cincinnati, Back Row, Soph
9 Sophia Bailey – Vassar College, Scrumhalf, Soph
10 Megan Ludy – UW Eau Claire, Flyhalf, Jr
11 Danielle Vogt – Roger Williams Univ., Back 3, Soph
12 Alina Ampeh – Univ. Illinois, Center, Sr
13 Paige Huggins – Univ. Cincinnati, Center, 1st year
14 Cerys Ridd – UW Eau Claire, Back 3, Jr
15 Elizabeth Currie – UW Eau Claire, Back 3, Sr
16 Emma Wright – Roger Williams Univ., Front Row, Sr
17 Lauren Anderson – Louisiana State Univ., Front Row, Sr
18 Grace Skakel – Vassar College, Back Row, Sr
19 Lily Hess Coastal – Carolina Univ., Scrumhalf, Jr
20 Emily Raia – Fairfield Univ., Center, Sr
21 Amanda Konieczny – US Coast Guard Academy, Center, Jr
22 Natalia Comiskey – Roger Williams Univ., Back 3, Soph
23 Allison Martin – Univ. New Hampshire, Back 3, Sr


# Player – School, Position, Year
1 Carolina Stubbs – Endicott College, Front Row, Sr
2 Jaylei Wagstaff – St. Bonaventure Univ., Front Row, Jr
3 Emma Callaghan – UW Platteville, Front Row, Jr
4 Shea Mineau – UW Platteville, Second Row, Sr
5 Claudine Bellot – Northern Michigan Univ., Second Row, Sr
6 Abbey Beres – St. Bonaventure Univ., Back Row, Sr
7 McKenna Dutton – UW Platteville, Back Row, Jr
8 Selena Bodendein – UW Platteville, Back Row, Jr
9 Kaylee Middaugh – St. Bonaventure Univ., Scrumhalf, Sr
10 Ashlee Reid – St. Bonaventure Univ., Flyhalf, Jr
11 Yasmin Valerio – SUNY Cortland, Back 3, Sr
12 Makenna Ramsey – St. Bonaventure Univ., Center, Sr
13 Sydney Kaluzny – UW Platteville, Center, Sr
14 Natalie Lamar – St. Bonaventure Univ., Back 3, 1st year
15 Tess Merrill – Endicott College, Back 3, Jr
16 Morgan Goss – Northern Michigan Univ., Back Row, Sr
17 Molly Cancian – Baldwin Wallace, Back Row, Sr
18 Lexi Hulick – Gannon Univ., Flyhalf, Soph
19 Caitlin Bracken – Colby College, Center, Sr
20 Jaidyn Bowen – York College, Center, Sr
21 Laryssa Landmesser – Plymouth State Univ., Center, Soph
22 Morgan Mattia – East Stroudsburg Univ., Center, Sr
23 Senya Urbom – Colorado College, Back 3, 1st year

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