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2 HS National 15s Tournaments, 1 Event Website

  • 01 Feb 2024
Sacramento Rugby

As previously announced, the Girls High School and Girls High School Club 15s national tournaments are heading to Madison, Wis., on May 17-19 to contest their 2024 champions. As the organizing committees vet applicants and ready the Wisconsin Rugby Sports Complex for the three-day event, a new event site has been made available to aid teams and fans in their planning process.

The new site (link) has some placeholder information that will evolve into a one-stop shop for the tournament schedule, ticketing and parking information, food vendors, apparel, local deals and more. Be sure to check the accommodation section as well, as hotel contracts are currently be sorted and will be added shortly.

For teams looking to register for the event, act quickly, as space is filling up. High school clubs (i.e., multi-school teams) can register here, and single-school teams can register here.

Stay tuned for more information.


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