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Rosters: HS All-Stars En Route to NY

  • 21 Jun 2024
Rugby New Jersey / New York

It’s the girls’ high school all-star 15s season, and Mt. Vernon, N.Y., is hosting three teams from the tri-state area. Connecticut, New Jersey/New York and Pennsylvania will contest 15s games against each other this weekend and introduce next-level rugby to a wider swath of players in the region. [lead photo: Pat Moroney]

Additionally, the Elite Girls Rugby League (EGRL) rerouted its Canadian tour to Ohio, where it will face the Celtic Elite. It’s the second summer runout for the Ohioans, which competed at the Buckeye Invitational the weekend prior. [lead photo c/o EGRL]


The team has plenty of players available and they hail from three DI clubs and three DII clubs.

1. Vera Zibilich – Greenwich
2. Allison Rubbo – Ridgefield
3. Kylie Baba – Simsbury
4. Abby Knaggs – Aspetuck
5. Reece Smith – Aspetuck
6. Grace Penn – Aspetuck
7. Hailey Freemantle – Simsbury
8. Gia Kloter – Aspetuck
9. Molly Kennedy – Aspetuck
10. Ryhan O’Neill – Aspetuck
11. Bella Pirkl – Staples
12. Olivia Groth – Southington
13. Cara Doherty – Aspetuck
14. Amelia Smarrelli – Simsbury
15. Sophia Novello – Staples

16. Sadie Huang-Kashansky – Ridgefield
17. Alexis Steneken – Ridgefield
18. Mia Chatterjee – Staples
19. Lilou Bonnaudet – Ridgefield
20. Gabby Aliaga – Greenwich
21. Amelia Smarrelli Simsbury
22. Maddy Jones – Greenwich
23. Shelsea Carrenard – Greenwich
24. Anna Skalicky Luqui – Ridgefield
25. Eden O’Malley – Ridgefield
26. Missy Freemantle – Simsbury
27. Lily Richards – Simsbury


The Elite Girls Rugby League Selects were originally planning for a Canadian tour this summer, but the opponent fell through. The all-stars are assembling in New Jersey for a mini camp and then heading to Pittsburgh for the Celtic Elite match.

Marcela Aguilar-Martinez — West Carroll
Liv Amann — Downingtown
Peighton Bowman — North Bay
Abby Buratti — Morris
Charlotte Davies — Downingtown
Amber Garrett — Wando Wahine
Laidia Govier — West Carroll
Sosi Hoerning — Morris
Ella Hoke — Downingtown
Adelina Jackson — North Bay
Norah Landerman — Morris
Maia Letzsch — West Carroll
Amber Makowski — Aspetuck
Abby McGettigan — Downingtown
Lily McGettigan — Downingtown
Carolyn Melody — West Carroll
Siena Miller — Morris
Kathryn O’Boyle — West Carroll
Erin O’Brien — Morris
Paige Rasnake — North Bay
Olive Rhodes — Morris
Nora Rosenburg Doylestown
Makaela Snow — Downingtown



Siena Accardi — Doylestown
Mara-Leigh Belga — Cumberland Valley
Mackaylan Bolinsky — Cumberland Valley
Sasha Brown — Conestoga
Emma Catalano — Cumberland Valley
Jakara Dixon — Downingtown
Nolan Flynn — Doylestown
Riley Gofus — Hollidaysburg
Marjorie Hoffman-Long — Cumberland Valley
Addy Lacurruba — Doylestown
Anastasia Lehman — Knightmare
Isabella Little — Cumberland Valley
Taylor Major — Conestoga
Bridget McGonical — Doylestown
Erin Mordosky — Downingtown
Marie Rose Quiles-Rosa — Blackthorn
Riley Robinson — Knightmare
Akayla Towles — Downingtown
Mackenzie Wilson — State College
Paulina Yang — Conestoga

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