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Club 7s Nationals: Pool Play Schedule

  • 05 Aug 2019

Photo: Beni Thiong’o

The USA Rugby Club 7s National Championship takes place Aug. 10-11 in Kansas City, Mo. The schedule for Saturday’s pool play is listed below (all times Eastern) and then the knockouts commence on Sunday. Games will be live-streamed via FloRugby.

Club 7s National Championship

Women’s Pool Play • Saturday, Aug. 10 (Central Time)

1000 San Diego v ARPTC White (A)

1020 Atlanta v NOVA (A)

1040 ARPTC Blue v Boston (D)

1100 Life West v Chicago Lions (D)

1120 Scion v Santa Barbara Academy (B)

1140 Rocky Mountain v Washington AC (B)

1200 Berkeley v D.C. Furies (C)

1220 New York v Phoenix (C)

1300 San Diego v NOVA (A)

1320 Atlanta v ARPTC White (A)

1340 ARPTC Blue v Chicago Lions (D)

1400 Life West v Boston (D)

1420 Scion v Washington AC (B)

1440 Rocky Mountain v Santa Barbara Academy (B)

1500 Berkeley v Phoenix (C)

1520 New York v D.C. Furies (C)

1600 San Diego v Atlanta (A)

1620 NOVA v ARPTC White (A)

1640 ARPTC Blue v Life West (D)

1700 Chicago Lions v Boston (D)

1720 Scion v Rocky Mountain (B)

1740 Washington AC v Santa Barbara Academy (B)

1800 Berkeley v New York (C)

1820 Phoenix v D.C. Furies (C)


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