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USA Rugby Names Roster for Scotland

  • 26 Aug 2022
USA Rugby

The USA Rugby Women’s National Team (WNT) has named its match-day roster for Scotland on Saturday, Aug. 27. The teams will meet at DAM Health Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland, and the game will be live-streamed for free on The Rugby Network at 11 a.m. ET. The Eagles are ranked #5 in the world, and Scotland is ranked #10. [USA Rugby photo]

Kate Zackary resumes the USA captainship from No. 8 and anchors a pack with 134 combined caps. The front row represents 62 of these caps, with prop Hope Rogers leading all teammates with 35. All but one starting forward (USA 7s Eagle Jordan Matyas) played in the Allianz Premier 15s last season.

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The starting USA backs have 60 caps total, and all but two players competed in the Prem. Eti Haungatau returns to the squad and the Lindenwood University center represents the only current collegian in the 23. Of note, Alev Kelter has moved from the centers to fullback.

“This a great opportunity to continue gauging where we are, showcase the hard work that has gone into the past three weeks as we continue to develop our own game ahead of New Zealand,” USA WNT head coach Rob Cain told USA Rugby. “We would like to see the development shown in camp also show through in real time under pressure, alongside our ability to adapt tactically on the pitch in real time. Playing time at this level is critical for us a group, we have two opportunities ahead of the Rugby World Cup and a further training game in New Zealand, but wea are well aware that our competition have had the opportunity to play many more test matches over the past two years.”

By contrast, the starting Scottish pack has 246 caps, and the starting backs have 215. In the match-day 23, the home side has three players with 50+ caps, and when Chloe Rollie takes the pitch Saturday, the fullback will christen a 50th runout for Scotland. All but two of the starters play in the Prem and many call USA Eagles in-season teammates.

“It has been the first time we have been able to have a full pre-season as a group,” Scotland Women head coach Bryan Easson said. “I am really pleased to see the 7s players coming back and following an extensive pre-season period, the exciting part now is for us all it get on the field and put together everything that we have been working on.”

The Eagles will have the week to recover and prepare for its second U.K. test against England on Sept. 3, a match that will also be live-streamed for free on TRN.


1. Hope Rogers (Exeter Chiefs, Eng) – 35 caps
2. Jojo Kitlinski (Sale Sharks, Eng) – 18 caps
3. Nick James (Sale Sharks, Eng) – 19 caps
4. Hallie Taufoou (Loughborough Lightning, Eng) – 5 caps
5. Jenny Kronish (Harlequins, Eng) – 3 caps
6. Jordan Matyas (USA Sevens) – 21 caps
7. Rachel Johnson (Exeter Chiefs, Eng) – 12 caps
8. Kate Zackary (Exeter Chiefs, Eng) – 21 caps (c)
9. Olivia Ortiz (Colorado Gray Wolves) – 9 caps
10. Gabby Cantorna (Exeter Chiefs, Eng) – 12 caps
11. Lotte Clapp (Saracens, Eng) – 2 caps
12. Katana Howard (Sale Sharks, Eng) – 10 caps
13. Eti Haungatau (Lindenwood Univ.) – 3 caps
14. Jennine Detiveaux (Exeter Chiefs, Eng) – 9 caps
15. Alev Kelter (Saracens, Eng) – 17 caps

16. Jett Hayward (Life West) – uncapped
17. Catie Benson (Sale Sharks, Eng) – 26 caps
18. Charli Jacoby (Loughborough Lightning, Eng) – 12 caps
19. Evi Ashenbrucker (San Diego Surfers) – 2 caps
20. Georgie Perris-Redding (Sale Sharks, Eng) – 2 caps
21. Carly Waters (Saracens, Eng) – 10 caps
22. Meya Bizer (Beantown) – 20 caps
23. Tess Feury (New York RC) – 10 caps

Head Coach | Rob Cain
Assistant Coach | Jamie Burke
Assistant Coach | Martin Haag
Head Strength & Conditioning | Sylvia Braaten
Head Athletic Trainer | Hilary Stepansky
Assistant Athletic Trainer | Meghan McKay
Lead Analyst | Callum Howells
Team Manager | Paul Santinelli
Liaison Officer | Arran Hain

Remote Support: Kate Daley, Jenny Liu, Rich Ashfield


1. Molly Wright (Sale Sharks) – 14 caps
2. Lana Skeldon (Worcester Warriors) – 53 caps
3. Christine Belisle (Loughborough Lightning) – 17 caps
4. Emma Wassell (Loughborough Lightning) – 56 caps
5. Sarah Bonar (Harlequins) – 29 caps
6. Rachel Malcolm (Loughborough Lightning) – 29 caps (c)
7. Louise McMillan (Saracens) – 36 caps
8. Evie Gallagher (Worcester Warriors) – 12 caps
9. Caity Mattinson (Worcester Warriors) – 5 caps
10. Helen Nelson (Loughborough Lightning) – 42 caps
11. Hannah Smith (Watsonians) – 33 caps
12. Lisa Thomson (Sale Sharks) – 45 caps
13. Emma Orr (Biggar) – 3 caps
14. Rhona Lloyd (Les Lionnes du Stade Bordelais) – 38 caps
15. Chloe Rollie (Exeter Chiefs) – 49 caps

16. Jodie Rettie (Saracens) – 19 caps
17. Leah Bartlett (Loughborough Lightning) – 16 caps
18. Elliann Clarke (Edinburgh University) – uncapped
19. Rachel McLachlan (Sale Sharks) – 28 caps
20. Jade Konkel-Roberts (Harlequins) – 52 caps
21. Mairi McDonald (Hillhead Jordanhill) – 7 caps
22. Meryl Smith (Edinburgh University) – 2 caps
23. Shona Campbell (Edinburgh University) – 6 caps

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