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Updated: USA 15s HP Camp List

  • 28 Jul 2018

WRWC Eagle Sara Parsons / Photo: Jackie Finlan

Read USA Rugby’s original press release.

The USA Women’s National Team pool is assembling for the first time since the Women’s Rugby World Cup in August 2017, and the five-day, high-performance training camp (July 30-August 3) at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center will mark head coach Rob Cain’s first assignment since being hired in May.

Below are the 60 athletes who are heading to Southern California at the end of the month, and two slots are being held for top performers at the WPL All-Star Game in Denver. For consistency purposes, this list is updated to indicate which 15s clubs (versus 7s teams or programs) players represented in the 2017-18 season, the exceptions being those who focused on 7s this past year. Additionally, those players who graduated high school this year, their new collegiate program for the fall is listed in parentheses (Salote Tausinga is the lone current high schooler). There are also several players who graduated from college this spring and we’re eager to see where they land for the 2018-19 15s season.


Sui A’au – Central Washington

Tiana A’au – Central Washington

Milla Anderson – Dartmouth

* Kathryn Augustyn – Berkeley

Cassidy Bargell – Summit HS (Harvard)

* Catherine Benson – Life West

Amelia Bizer – San Diego (recently cleared fr DL)

* Stacey Bridges – Twin Cities (DNP 17 WPL)

+ Tahlia Brody – New York

Kaitlyn Broughton – Life Univ

Julia Buescher – Kansas City Jazz

Sarah Buonopane – USA 7s player pool

Nicole Burr – Augusta

Ashley Byrge – WCAP, USA 7s player pool

Elizabeth Cairns – Life West

Gabriella Cantorna – Penn State

+ Gio Cruz – New York

Lucy Dawson – Philadelphia

Jennine Duncan – Seattle

Rachel Ehrecke – Penn State

* Tess Feury – Penn State

+ Megan Foster – San Diego

Jaz Gray – Raleigh

Eti Haungatau – Sacramento Amazons (Lindenwood)

Mata Hingano – Life West

McKenzie Hawkins – Lindenwood

Emily Henrich – Orchard Park HS (Dartmouth)

Kayla Hunkin-Clark – AIC

Leah Ingold – Central Washington

* Nicole James – Houston Athletic

Jennifer Johnson – Central Washington

Rachel Johnson – Oregon Sports Union

Nikki Kenyon – Life West

+ Joanna Kitlinski – Glendale Merlins

Haley Langan – Harvard

Etta Mailau – Utah Vipers

Saskia Morgan – Scion

Azniv Nalbandian – Penn State

Michel Navarro – Central Washington

* Sara Parsons – San Diego

MaryJane Pasioles – Central Washington

Anna Karen Pedraza – Lindenwood

*+ Christiane Pheil – Chicago North Shore

Katherine Ramage – Dartmouth

* Jamila Reinhardt – at large

* Hope Rogers – USA 7s player pool

Megan Rom – Life Univ

* Kimber Rozier – Scion

Francesca Sands – Dartmouth

Alex Sedrick – Life Univ

Asinate Serevi – Central Washington

Hayden Short – U.S. Coast Guard Academy

* Kristine Sommer – Seattle

Nicole Strasko – Life West

Adi Finau Tamaivena – Seattle Saracens

Joycelynn Taufa – Lindenwood

Salote Tausinga – Sacramento Amazons

Lauren Thunen – UC Santa Barbara

*+ Alycia Washington – New York

Carly Waters – Penn State

+ WPL All-Star Game

* 2017 WRWC 15s vet



Head Coach | Rob Cain

* Event Manager / Set Piece Apprentice | Tiff Faaee

Assistant Coach | Kate Daley

Assistant Coach | Wil Snape

* Assistant Coach | Richard Ashfield

Assistant Coach | JD Stephenson

Guest Coach | Jack Baird

Head of Performance Analysis | Dave Gardner

Head of Physical Performance | Ian Jones

Sports Scientist | Bobby Lucas

* Head Athletic Trainer | Bri Arsenault

Athletic Trainer | Brit Schenck


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