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NIRA Rankings #7

  • 08 Oct 2018

West Chester University Athletics photo

The National Intercollegiate Rugby Association (NIRA) hosted four matches, and one non-league game, last weekend, and saw one result affect the rankings. Game recaps and links to the respective athletic departments’ match reports included below.

The West Chester vs. Norwich game required some reorganization. Both teams scored four tries apiece, and two extra conversions afforded the Cadets the four-point win. So the Golden Rams certainly deserve to be closer to New Hampshire team; however, West Chester has lost to both #7 Notre Dame College (60-0) and #8 Brown (38-27). So West Chester moved past the idle Mount St. Mary’s this weekend, but the debate as whether that was right move will be settled this weekend. Bowdoin dropped a single-digit game to West Chester the previously weekend, so the result of the aforementioned game might also impact the Polar Bears’ standings.


Harvard (3-1) repeated its earlier season win over Quinnipiac (2-3), albeit by a closer margin the second time around, and the result supports their back-to-back rankings. Harvard hosts Notre Dame College Saturday, while Quinnipiac hosts Brown.

Harvard 24

Tries: Sofie Fella, Caitlin Weigel, Robyn Beese, Grace Chao

Cons: Jenny Kronish 2

Quinnipiac 21

Tries: Allison Koenig, Caitria Sands, Emily Roskopf

Cons: Mckenna Haz 3


Both teams scored four tries apiece, but Sheila Decker’s conversions gave the Cadets the four-point cushion in the win. The Golden Rams scored the first two and final two tries of the game, while Norwich owned the middle of the match.

There’s tons of anticipation for these two teams’ next matches. The Norwich vs. AIC rematch occurs in Massachusetts, and the Yellow Jackets will look for redemption after its 28-22 loss in September. West Chester’s last three games were decided by 11 points or fewer, and the expectation is for another good game against closely ranked Mount St. Mary’s this Saturday.

Norwich 26

Tries: Sheila Decker 2, Brooke Strafford 2

Cons: Decker 3

West Chester 22

Tries: Hailey Spangler, Grace Larko, Juah Toe, penalty try (and conversion)


These two teams have featured in the Tier 2 championship the previous two years. The Polar Bears took a 41-point halftime lead, and by day’s end, wing Molly Petronzio finished off four scoring opportunities to the lead the Maine team.

Bowdoin 55

Tries:Molly Petronzio 4, Sophie Karris 2, Allegra Bersani 2, Satya Kent

Cons: Liz D’Angelo 4

New England 8


The Big Green keeps rolling, now 5-0 after beating No. 6 AIC. Army is next and coming off a 22-7 loss to Penn State. AIC is looking forward to hosting Norwich in a rematch Saturday.

Dartmouth 53

Tries: Casey Smerczynski, Milla Anderson 2, Alex Conway, Idia Ihensekhien, Kat Ramage, Karina Martinez, Jules Wheaton, Camille Johnson

Cons: Johnson 4

AIC 17

Tries: Melissa Dessources 2, Brooke Garcia

Cons: Kassidy Pothier


Army hosted Penn State and dropped a 22-7 contest in New York. The Nittany Lions scored four tries through 70 minutes before Damaria Morton dotted down for Army. The Black Knights face #1 Dartmouth this weekend. Read more.

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