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DI Spring Leader, Pac Mountain, Ready for League

  • 07 Jan 2019

USA Rugby’s DI College Spring Championship trophy has remained in the Pacific Mountain Rugby Conference (PMRC) for the previous three seasons – specifically in Northern California, thanks to UC Davis (2) and current champion Chico State (photo). PMRC is divided into two competitions – North and West – and they begin league play later this month. Crossover playoffs occur in late March, two weeks prior to the regional championships.

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The PMRC West is all NorCal, hailing from Humboldt State in the north to Stanford in the south. The five teams will play each other home and away through mid-March, necessitating some double-header weekends. The PMRC North covers Washington, Oregon and Idaho, and the six teams play each other once prior to crossover playoffs.


NORTH (6): Boise State, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Western Washington

WEST (5): Chico State, Humboldt State, Stanford, UC Berkeley (Cal), UC Davis

Oregon State and Washington at last year’s PMRC playoffs / Photo: Jackie Finlan

Looking ahead ... USA Rugby’s spring regional playoffs are currently slated to begin with a Round of 16, which means four more teams will advance to the post-season due to the absence of DI Elite programs this year. By comparison, the DI Fall regional playoffs begin at the quarterfinal stage. With that said, BYU has left DI Elite for DI Spring and will likely take an at-large berth to one of the western regional sites. And remember: Teams that compete in BYU’s pool will have a Friday-Saturday schedule.


JAN 19

Chico State @ Stanford

JAN 26

Stanford @ Humboldt

Davis @ Cal

Oregon State @ Washington State

Western Washington @ Oregon

Boise State @ Washington

(27) Chico @ Humboldt


Stanford @ Cal

Chico @ Davis

Washington State @ Boise State

Washington @ Western Washington

Oregon @ Oregon State


(8) UC Davis @ Stanford

Cal @ Chico

Western Washington @ Oregon State

Oregon @ Boise State

Washington @ Washington State

(10) Humboldt @ Stanford

FEB 16

Chico @ Cal

Humboldt @ Davis

FEB 23

Cal @ Stanford

Davis @ Chico

Washington State @ Oregon

Boise State @ Western Washington

Oregon State @ Washington

(24) Humboldt @ Chico


(1) Stanford @ Davis

Humboldt @ Cal

Western Washington @ Washington State

Oregon @ Washington

Boise State @ Oregon State

(3) Cal @ Davis


Stanford @ Chico State

Davis @ Humboldt

MAR 16

Cal @ Humboldt

March 30-31: PMRC playoffs

April 19-21: USA Rugby DI Spring R16/8

May 3-4: USA Rugby DI Spring R4/Final


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