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SoCal 15s Griffins Selected

  • 04 Jan 2019

The SoCal Griffins are readying for a March 2019 match in Las Vegas and have named 23 players to the travel roster. The senior all-star program is rebuilding and still looking for a 15s opponent to fill that open fixture (read more).

The Griffins feature players from every senior club division within the Pacific South, a Competitive Region (CR) that covers southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas and New Mexico. Old Pueblo leads selections with nine players, and there are eight Division I reps. The CR has added a Division III this year, and that competition accounts for two Griffins.

The Griffins will play Phoenix, which recently competed in Dubai’s invitational tournament, in Vegas.



Sam Coleman – Old Pueblo

Adriana Conrad-Forrest – San Fernando Valley

Serena Cox – Santa Barbara

Nina Freelander – Tempe

Kimberly Molliner – Santa Monica

Ruby Parks – Old Pueblo

Cari Pick – Tempe

Cassandra Rincon – Old Pueblo

Molly Shamieh – Pasadena

Anna Stern – San Fernando Valley

Jessica Szakacs – Old Pueblo

Honoree Tuazon – Santa Barbara

Kaitlynn Verheyden – Old Pueblo


Mary Begay – Old Pueblo

Crystal Brown – Belmont Shore

Sydney Dudley – Old Pueblo

Judy Gramajo – Old Pueblo

Erica Hiddink – Tempe

Heleni Kuma – Tempe

Sonya Livingston – Pasadena

Alex Rath – Old Pueblo

Sam Santos – Tempe

Nancy Woo – Belmont Shore


Head Coach/Defense Swing DePoint

Forwards Coach Anita Bradbury

Backs Coach Ashley Loftus

Manager Leah Wills

Manager Julie Gould


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