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Fixtures & Results: Jan. 19-20

  • 18 Jan 2019

It’s essentially opening weekend for California, as the club, collegiate and NorCal high schools (Girls’ Kickoff Tournament) open up. There are two big all-star events occuring as well, with NSCRO hosting its 2nd annual All-Star 7s Championship, and the Capital Selects and USA South lining up for two games.

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All-Star 7s Championship

Live-stream: Day 1

Live-stream: Day 2


South 31-0 Cascade

South 29-7 Eastern Penn

Eastern Penn 29-0 Cascade

Prairie States 34-0 South 2

Prairie States 24-0 Texas

Texas 27-0 South 2

Upstate NY 14-12 Colonial Coast

Upstate NY 43-0 Allegheny

Colonial Coast 45-0 Allegheny

Mid-Atlantic 17-17 Great Waters

Mid-Atlantic 26-20 Ohio Valley

Ohio Valley 12-10 Great Waters

QF: Prairie States 27-10 Ohio Valley

QF: South 36-7 Texas

QF: Upstate NY 24-12 Eastern Penn

QF: Mid-Atlantic 17-12 Colonia Coast

5th SF: Eastern Penn 19-0 Texas

5th SF: Ohio Valley 17-14 Colonial Coast

SF: South 10-5 Upstate NY

SF: Prairie States 17-5 Mid-Atlantic

7th: Colonial Coast 19-10 Texas

5th: Eastern Penn12-10 Ohio Valley

3rd: Upstate NY 24-5 Mid-Atlantic

Final: Prairie States 25-7 South


Great Waters 39-0 Allegheny

Great Waters 20-5 Cascade

Great Waters 30-0 South 2

Cascade 24-0 South 2

Cascade 20-5 Allegheny

Allegheny 24-0 South 2


Pacific Desert

Arizona State 43-17 UC San Diego

Grand Canyon 68-0 Arizona

UC Santa Barbara 62-41 UCLA

Pacific Mountain

Chico State 43-19 Stanford


Pacific Desert

MiraCosta 38-12 UC Irvine

West Coast

Fresno State 48-24 Cal Poly

San Jose State 41-41 St. Mary’s



Capital Selects 22-12 USA South

Florida (DII)

Ft Miami 76-0 Indian River

Jacksonville 28-17 Tampa

NorCal (DII)

Sacramento v SFGG CLD rain

Pacific South (DIII)

Ventura County v Santa Barbara PPD

Fullerton 36-5 Northern Arizona

Red River

(DI) Houston Athletic 73-7 Dallas

(DII) San Antonio 57-12 Dallas Athletic


SoCal 15s

Fallbrook – Del Norte

Rancho Bernardo – Torrey Pines

SoCal 7s

Los Angeles league @ Los Alamitos

Orange County league @ Vista Murrieta

San Diego league @ Mission Vista, Poway & Mira Mesa

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