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TRB Partners with NEC7C

  • 27 Feb 2019

The Rugby Breakdown (TRB) has partnered with the New England Collegiate 7s Circuit (NEWC7C), in so far as the news outlet has dedicated a Public News page to the spring-based 7s series.

Chip Auscavitch founded the NEC7C in spring 2018 and the goal was to provide a 7s season of substance. Instead of using one or two qualifying events to secure a berth to 7s nationals, teams had the opportunity to compete in three tournaments (max) every weekend. The series could be enjoyed in and of itself, or enrich a resume for at-large berths to various national championships. As Auscavitch explained, the NEC7C isn’t asking teams to choose between it and the tournaments that its home conference is hosting, but is an opportunity for more 7s.

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“What drew me, and thus TRB, to the NEC7C was the amount of planning and communication that went into the circuit,” said Jackie Finlan, editor-in-chief of The Rugby Breakdown. “Chip had done this before – created and administered a successful collegiate league – so he knew to get in front of things like forfeits and spring break availability. It’s one of the best-run competitions considering that teams are funneling in from all over the region.”

When Auscavitch approached TRB with the idea of a partnership, Finlan said, “It was a no-brainer. Chip is so information-forward and I have so much respect for administrators, given the amount of time and lack of glamour these positions require. TRB was happy to share the love.”

The NEC7C page on TRB includes the season calendar and the upcoming weekend’s tournament schedules. There’s a link to previous results and standings – all maintained by Auscavitch – as well as links to member teams’ homepages (if current) or Facebook pages. For more daily information, visit the NEC7C Facebook page.


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