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ARPTC 1st International Tour & Victory Lap

  • 08 May 2019

ARPTC set off for Ireland on April 28, 2019. The Ireland Tour marked the very first international touring experience for the American Rugby Pro Training Center. Although now steeped in nation-wide rugby competition, ARPTC has sought to expand its rugby reach over the past year to international opportunities. Offering elite level training experiences for athletes across the country has brought a growth in competitive rugby platforms as well as ongoing opportunities for athletes to build their individual game skills. ARPTC now enters a new arena of global rugby with it’s overseas trip to Ireland.

Ireland World Cup Squad Launches Tour for ARPTC

The selected squad of 12 rugby athletes met in Chicago prior to boarding a flight to Dublin, Ireland. Excited and anxiously awaiting what lay ahead, the team flew nearly eight hours across the ocean to make ARPTC history. In the first days, as the team grew accustomed to the Dublin time zone and food offerings, they also prepared for a series of three scrimmages against the Irish World Cup training squad. The scrimmages proved an invaluable beginning to the tour, allowing ARPTC to work out the kinks of 12 athletes coming together for the first time, on international soil.

ARPTC Wins $1K & Championship Trophy

After four days of trainings, contact sessions, weight lifting sessions and adventuring around Dublin, the ARPTC team headed south to Kinsale for the weekend tournament. The Kinsale 7s Tournament has been around since 1988 and boasts an illustrious compilation of teams from across the country and abroad.

ARPTC showcased a very high success rate in the tournament, going undefeated across seven matches and two days to take home the First Place Trophy. Many teams proved to be excellent competition for the squad and pushed the team to dig deep in crucial moments of play. In the end, victory was meant for ARPTC and the squad held its winning trophy high. As Kinsale Champions, ARPTC was granted $1,000 and the Kinsale Championship Trophy. The team locked the ARPTC name into Irish history books.

As the team departed for home, their thanks were sent to all who supported them before and during their journey. “Thanks to Conor at IRISH RUGBY TOURS; the itinerary was seamless!” Family, friends, and fans played a huge role in supporting each ARPTC player and coach along this first international rugby journey. ARPTC looks ahead as the 2019 season continues and Summer Residents begin their training. An ARPTC squad will end the year playing in Barbados, moving forward with international competitions across the globe.


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