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USA 15s Team Heads to Canada

  • 15 May 2019

Kelter is one of three USA 7s residents heading to Canada / Photo: Alex Ho (

GUELPH, ON. – The U.S. Women’s National Team 15s will assemble at the University of Guelph in Ontario from May 15-25 for a joint-training camp with rival-Canada. Players will participate in combined training sessions as well as two scrimmages on May 19 and May 24.

Head Coach Rob Cain has named 26 players for the training camp and will use the assembly to support final selections for the Women’s Rugby Super Series 2019 taking place in San Diego, CA June 28 to July 14.

The joint camp fits within the Women’s Eagles recently announced Road to 2021 Campaign Plan which includes a significant increase in assemblies where players and coaches have more time to interact. By the end of July, the senior program will have met as a full group in four out of the seven months that span the first half of 2019 including April’s camp and Barbarians match, the joint-training camp in May and Women’s Super Series in June and July.


Following the successful completion of a pre-season Regional Training Program in March and an impressive performance against the Barbarians in Glendale, CO the Eagles are well on track to continue development of the wider player pool.

“It’s great to have continuity with the players so soon after our April camp and historic match against the Barbarians. These opportunities are so vital in our aspirations to keep closing the gap with teams above us in the World Rankings and to show the real ascendancy of our intent,” said Head Coach Rob Cain.

“Having such a short turnaround really allows us to further expand the concepts we have as a group while they are still fresh in the players’ thoughts. The joint training sessions are a great learning tool in helping our athletes find solutions to problems they aren’t always exposed to while the scrimmages are a perfect way to put context to the principles we’re exploring.

“We had lots of exciting talking points regarding the pool for this selection. To think we have four players who were not involved against the Barbarians really highlights the inner competition in the player group. Each day our aim is to get better than the last and the more time we have together, the more chances we have to make that happen.”

Though a live stream will not be available for scrimmages with Canada, score updates will be communicated on

Tickets to see the USA Eagles face No. 1 New Zealand, No. 2 England, No. 3 Canada and No. 4 France in the Women’s Rugby Super Series this summer are available at


Name, Position, Club, Caps

Bui Baravilala, C, Berkeley, 6

Catie Benson, P, Life West, 17

Ashlee Byrge, SH/FH, USA 7s, 0

Gabby Cantorna, FH, Glendale, 3

Jennine Detiveaux, W/FB, Seattle, 2

Eti Haungatau, C, USA 7s, 0

Evan Hoese, W, Berkeley, 1

Katana Howard, FH, Twin Cities, 0

Charli Jacoby, P, Chicago North Shore, 0

Nick James, P, Houston Athletic, 6

Rachel Johnson, FL/8, ORSU, 3

Alev Kelter, FB, USA 7s, 9

Joanna Kitlinski, H, Glendale, 8

Sam Luther, L, Glendale, 0

Bulou Mataitoga, FB, Berkeley, 0

Amy Naber-Bonte, C, Life West, 1

Sara Parsons, FL/8, Life West, 9

Neariah Persinger, C, Unattached, 0

Hope Rogers, H/P, USA 7s, 25

Kimber Rozier, C, Beantown, 30

Nate Serevi, FL/8/L, Scion, 2

Nicole Strasko, L/FL/8, Life West, 3

Joyce Taufa, H, Lindenwood Univ, 3

Juliann Tordonato, C, Glendale, 0

Alycia Washington, L, New York, 17

Carly Waters, SH, New York, 2

Kate Zackary, FL/8, San Diego, 9


Head Coach | Rob Cain

Assistant Coach & Team Manager | Jenny Lui

Strength & Conditioning Coach | Ian Jones

Head Athletic Trainer | Kevin Ng

Assistant Athletic Trainer | Danielle Allen


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