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Army Wins Armed Forces Championship

  • 07 Jul 2019

The first-ever Armed Forces Championship occurred July 5-6 in Wilmington, N.C., and involved all five branch teams. Round robin play determined final placing and undefeated Army took home the title.

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Army coach Kaitlyn Kelly previewed the squad a couple of weeks before kickoff and a follow-up on the title run is forthcoming. Army allowed only one try against – a 19-5 win over Air Force – and shut out the Marines 27-0, Coast Guard 33-0 and Navy 36-0. The Marines finished second, Air Force third, Navy fourth and Coast Guard fifth.

Starting Sunday, the top-three military teams integrated into Cape Fear’s Women’s Elite division and have mixed up the knockout round. A Cape Fear champion will be named today.

More to come.


Army 19-5 Air Force

Army 27-0 Marines

Army 33-0 Coast Guard

Army 36-0 Navy

Marines 5-0 Air Force

Marines 31-12 Navy

Marines 31-0 Coast Guard

Air Force 17-12 Coast Guard

Air Force 19-7 Navy

Navy 15-7 Coast Guard


Payton Ambrose, 2LT: Fort Bragg Family and MWRJesslyn Clark, 1LT: Fort Bragg, N.C.Lolita Galdones, SGT: Fort Bragg, N.C.

Lindy Clark, 1LT: U.S. Army Fort CampbellDanielle Deshaies, CPT: Fort Stewart/Hunter FMWRJessica Foster, CPT: Army National GuardLauran Glover, CPT: U.S. Army ReserveKasey McCravey, 1LT: U.S. Army Fort CarsonAmber Payne, SPC: Fort Carson MWRErica Myers, SGT: JBLM MWRCourtney Sullivan, 2LT: Fort Gordon MWRKayla Williams, 2LT: Aberdeen Proving Ground MWR

Head Coach: Kaitlyn Kelly, CPT: Fort Belvoir MWR Athletic Trainer: Jason Mitchler, MAJ: U.S. Army Fort Carson

1st place Army

2nd place Marines

3rd place Air Force

4th place Navy

5th place Coast Guard
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