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Fixtures & Results: May 28-29

  • 28 May 2022
Notre Dame Rugby

Games and results for girls and women’s rugby games occurring in the U.S. during May 28-29, generally.


Atlanta @ Beantown CLD
CO Gray Wolves 34-10 Twin Cities
Berkeley 48-21 Life West
New York 86-15 ORSU

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CRC 7s (schedule)

Round of 16
Life 52-0 Southern Nazarene
UC Davis 17-12 Notre Dame
Lindenwood 38-0 Boise State
Notre Dame College 22-5 Michigan
Virginia Tech 17-7 Iowa
Grand Canyon 22-10 Southern Oregon
Northern Iowa 31-0 Clemson
Penn State 24-12 Claremont Colleges

Premier Quarterfinals
Life Univ 41-0 UC Davis
Lindenwood 33-0 Notre Dame College
Penn State 38-0 Northern Iowa
Grand Canyon 12-5 Virginia Tech

Premier Semifinals
Lindenwood 27-0 Penn State
Life 22-0 Grand Canyon

Plate SFs
Virginia Tech 15-0 UC Davis
Northern Iowa 12-10 Notre Dame College
650pm Final: Virginia Tech v Northern Iowa

Bowl SFs
Southern Oregon 29-10 Southern Nazarene
Clemson 22-17 Boise State
604pm Clemson v Southern Oregon

Pool Play
Grand Valley 15-10 Roger Williams
Grand Valley 24-12 UW Madison
Grand Valley 19-12 Coastal Carolina
Roger Williams 29-0 Coastal Carolina
Roger Williams 27-0 UW Madison
Coastal Carolina 15-10 UW Madison

IUPUI 15-10 Kent State
IUPUI 15-5 Iowa State
IUPUI 17-17 UW Stevens Point
Iowa State 29-0 UW Stevens Point
Iowa State 22-12 Kent State
Kent State 38-5 UW Stevens Point

Kutztown 15-12 UW Eau Claire
Kutztown 33-5 Central Missouri
UW Eau Claire 32-7 Central Missouri
UW Eau Claire 19-7 Texas
Texas 26-14 Central Missouri
Texas 26-15 Kutztown

Grand Valley State 17-7 Kent State
UW Eau Claire 12-10 Iowa State
Roger Williams 7-5 Kutztown
Texas 24-5 IUPUI

UW Eau Claire 20-14 Grand Valley St
Roger Williams 17-10 Texas

2pm 3rd Place
5pm Cup Final (stadium)

12pm Coastal Carolina v Central Missouri
1220pm UW Stevens Pt v UW Madison
4pm Bowl Championship
440pm 11th Place


Ohio State Semifinals
Brunswick 34-12 St. Joes 34-12
Mentor 41-21 Highland

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