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NCR Coaches Poll: Women’s Division I + Results

  • 22 Sep 2022
NCR rugby ranking

National Collegiate Rugby (NCR) publishes a weekly coaches poll for its women’s Division I, Division II and Small College competitions. The organization released pre-season rankings earlier this month, and this week marks the first edition of the rankings. TRB has supplemented the list with some results and context (see below).

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Rank (Pre-season rank). Team (Conference) – Recent results

1 (1) Notre Dame College (Allegheny) – Defeated Midwest’s UNI 57-17 in a pre-season friendly and DII Bowling Green State 75-0. Upcoming: 10.2  Colgate

2 (3) Univ. Northern Iowa (Midwest) – Lost 57-17 to Allegheny’s Notre Dame College in pre-season friendly; sent 2 teams to the DI Midwest Super Sunday tournament & went 4-2. Upcoming: 10.1 Univ. Wisconsin

3 (2) Univ. Michigan (Big 10) – Won a couple of 7s matches against NIRA’s Adrian College, lost a 57-5 friendly to DI Elite Penn State. Upcoming: 9.23 Notre Dame

4 (7) Colgate Univ. (Upstate NY) – Defeated Upstate NY’s Cornell 29-14 and Syracuse 31-12. Upcoming: 9.24 Binghamton

5 (9) Univ. Notre Dame (Big 10) – Defeated Big 10’s Ohio State 34-5. Upcoming: 9.23 Michigan

6 (4) Univ. Iowa (Big 10) – Forfeit win against Big 10’s Purdue. Upcoming: 9. 24 Michigan State

7 (6) Texas A&M Univ. (Lone Star) – Defeated Lone Star’s Univ. Texas 41-5. Upcoming: 9.24 UT San Antonio

8 (5) Indiana Univ. (Big 10) – Defeated DII IUPUI 22-5 and lost to DII Cincinnati 12-7 in pre-season friendlies. Defeated Big 10’s Michigan State 32-17. Upcoming: 10.1 Purdue

9 (unranked) Southern Nazarene Univ. (Lone Star) – SNU was promoted from DII to DI due to its athletics department support. The first-year team defeated Texas by forfeit win, UTSA 77-22 and Texas Tech 56-10. Upcoming: 9.24 Texas State

10 (10) Clemson Univ. (South Atlantic) – Defeated DII UGA 84-0 and USC 30-0 in 7s. Upcoming: Oct. 1-2 Rucktoberfest

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