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NDIT 7s Rosters & Schedule

  • 14 Aug 2019

The National Development Invitational Tournament (NDIT) readies for its third iteration, this time occurring at American Rugby Pro Training Center’s facility in Little Rock, Ark., from Aug. 17-18. USA 7s staff will evaluate the eight academies and select sides for rising talent and potential resident contracts in Chula Vista. USA 7s head coach Chris Brown will also hold a player clinic on Friday, Aug. 16 for attendees.


A: Santa Barbara, Scion, Stars, Collegiate All-Americans (WCAAs)

B: Armed Services, ARPTC, Northeast, Phoenix

Santa Barbara, Scion, ARPTC, Phoenix and virtually all of the members of the Northeast Academy were active last weekend at the Club 7s National Championship.

Below is the schedule (Central time), although no live-stream is provided. Rosters will be updated as they’re made available.


1000 Scion vs. Stars

1020 Santa Barbara Academy vs. Collegiate All-Americans

1040 ARPTC vs. Phoenix

1100 Northeast vs. Armed Services

1220 Santa Barbara vs. Stars 

1240 Scion vs. Collegiate All-Americans 

1300 Northeast vs. Phoenix 

1320 ARPTC vs. Armed Services

1500 Collegiate All-Americans vs. Stars 

1520 Scion vs. Santa Barbara  

1540 Armed Services vs. Phoenix 

1600 ARPTC vs. Northeast


0930 & 0955 Bowl SFs

1020 & 1045 Cup SFs

1230 Bowl Consolation

1230 Bowl Final

1305 3rd

1330 Cup Final


Sheila Bertrand — Coast Guard

Erica Meyers — Army (c)

Amber Payne — Army

Lolita Galdones — Army

Kayla Williams — Army

Lauran Glover — Army

Lindy Clark — Army

Melissa Thompson — Air Force (c)

Tanya Siford — Air Force

Jess Tharp — Air Force

Katie Mueller — Air Force

Kate Herren — Marines

Hannah Groom — Marines


Lauren Ebeling

Jaz Gray

Saher Hamdan

Summer Harris-Jones

Chloe Jex

Rachel Laqeretabua

Lindsey Mayo

Sophie Pyrz

Kelli Smith

Hallie Taufoou

Hannah Tennant

Jules White


Hannah Bogich

Tess Feury

Misha Green

Isabel Haber

Matilda Kocaj

Sarah Levy

Hannah Mackay

Deanna Nash (c)

Shamira Robles

Gianna Solomon

Paige Stathopoulos

Abigael Yotts


Stephanie Alliev

Amanda Berta

Tahlia Brody

Cyndi Campbell

Naz Cardoso

Siobhan Coady

Amy Crawford

Shawn Gatewood

Cecilia Hammond

Kimberly Semiglia


Bui Baravilala

Lucy Dawson

Ally Gallagher

Marisa Hall

Leah Ingold

Camille Johnson

Kathryn Johnson

Jade McGrath

Kiki Morgan

Haley Nolan

AK Pedraza

Nichole Wanamaker


Tina Aprahamian – Beantown/Tucson

Santia Deck – Atlanta Harlequins

Jess Enderby – Fox Valley Vixens (IL)

Izzi Gibbon – Penn State

Andie Hammon – ARPTC/Univ. New Mexico

Dylan Jacobs – prop – San Diego Surfers

Lindsey Mahoney – Tempe (AZ)

Justine Perl – ARPTC/Univ. Cincinnati

Gabby Rivera – ARPTC/Univ. New Mexico

Sia Schraff – St. Joseph Academy (OH)


Dana Alimena – Claremont CollegesSanie Auguste – DrexelEmma Auld – UVALekia Haynes – LifeKirnjot Kaur – Virginia TechCynthia Kelly – LifeKatie Lohaus – Western MichiganMakayla Lowe – LifeJetta Owens – Virginia TechDarina Roe – Penn StateBecca Jane Rosko – Dartmouth CollegeGabrielle Vitale – Virginia Tech


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