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NIRA Tier 2 All-Americans

  • 17 Mar 2019

The four Tier 2 All-Americans from title-winning Mount St. Mary’s (PC: The Mount Athletics)

The National Intercollegiate Rugby Association (NIRA), the varsity league, hasn’t officially released its Tier 1 and Tier 2 All-American teams, but the latter is already circulating on social media and thus replicated below. TRB will post both teams and Honorable Mentions on the public side of the site once the press releases circulate.

Mount St. Mary’s College, which won the Tier 2 championship 22-15 over Sacred Heart University, put three players on the First Team. The Pioneers and 5-3 Colby-Sawyer sent four players apiece onto the top 15, while Bowdoin College accounted for three spots. University of New England claimed the final First Team spot. Three of the four aforementioned colleges are represented in the Honorable Mentions as well as Molloy College.


First Team

1. Jordan Butcher – Mount St. Mary’s University, Soph.

2. Sara Nelson – Bowdoin College, Fr.

3. Sara Radosevich – Colby-Sawyer College, Fr.

4. Marilyn Hohler – Colby-Sawyer College, Sr.

5. Jenni Laferriere – University of New England, Sr.

6. Nia Williams – Sacred Heart University, Fr.

7. Satya Kent – Bowdoin College, Sr.

8. Bailey Burt – Colby-Sawyer College, Fr.

9. Allie Rinaldi – Sacred Heart University, Jr.

10. Maya Grassi – Mount St. Mary’s University, Fr.

11. Ubaida Ahmed – Mount St. Mary’s University, Fr.

12. Tyfanny Brisbane – Sacred Heart University, Jr.

13. Jordyn Enos – Colby-Sawyer College, Jr.

14. Isabel Cuddy – Sacred Heart University, Soph.

15. Sophia Karris – Bowdoin College, Fr.

Honorable Mention

Siobhan Coady – Molloy College, Sr.

Julie Crochet – Mount St. Mary’s College, Gr.

Elizabeth D’Angelo – Bowdoin College, Sr.

Sydney Rees – University of New England, Sr.

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