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USA Club Rugby Shares 15s Nationals Info

  • 10 May 2023
usa club rugby

USA Club Rugby maintains a news page within Rugby Xplorer and has been posting updates here: Check this post for a link to the 15s national championship information packet. Keep in mind that the packet is updated as teams qualify for nationals, which occurs Friday-Sunday, June 2-4 in St. Charles, Mo.

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There’s lots of pertinent information in the packet, including field location (St. Charles Soccer Complex Park, 3801 Mueller Rd., St. Charles, MO 63301), free entry and free parking. There’s also confirmation of the seeds, kickoff times and field numbers.

The Rugby Breakdown has been tracking any bit of playoff-related information since the fall and entering it into these makeshift brackets, which also show teams’ pathways to nationals. Toggle through the tabs at the base of the document for different competitions.

National semifinal match-ups are now confirmed: Northern vs. Atlantic, and Pacific vs. Gulf Coast. And there are no 3rd place games. As of May 10, the women’s schedule is as follows, but keep in mind that the info packet is a LIVE document, meaning continuous edits are possible:


DI Women’s Semifinals (Field 2)
1 p.m. Field 1: Metropolis Valkyries (Northern) vs. NOVA (Atlantic)
3 p.m. Field 2: Pacific (TBD May 13) vs. Gulf Coast (TBD May 14)


DII Women’s Semifinals
1 p.m. Field 1: Pacific (TBD May 13) vs. Knoxville (Gulf Coast)
3 p.m. Field 2: Northern (TBD May 21) vs. Severn River (Atlantic)


Championship Day *
11 a.m. Field 2 Women’s DII National Championship
12 p.m. Field 1 Women’s DI National Championship

*These kickoffs might – hopefully! – change so that one might view both in their entirety.

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